Why do American cars SUCK?

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As The Garage is so close to GM Canada’s headquarters, and a large number of Durham Region’s population depend on The General, I have spent some time over the years justifying my position that Traditional Domestics (ie American cars) SUCK. They ask “how can you say that when your neighbour’s income depends on those cars” or “we take great pride in the quality of our cars”.

It’s true, that the Oshawa plant has the highest quality rating of any of GM’s plants. That’s right, us Canadian’s build better cars up here than are built south of the border. These guys & girls have a right to be proud. They build the best cars they can, within the parameters that are set out for them. That’s right, this high end production facilty is predetermined to build crap.

The traditional domestics have some pretty inspired stylists too. Is it their fault? Not on your life.

The technical designers then? Well, let’s face it. Some of the best cars in the world (think Accord & Camry) are built and designed in North America with North American designers. I’m pretty sure the designers and engineers bred here in North American are equal to or better than those from any other country.

So, why are American cars crap?

Because the companies profit structure dictates that the accounting staff decide the quality of the end product. The stylists design a prototype. The engineers put the technology into the car. The accountants determine what quality of raw materials will be used in the manufacturing facilty. Have you ever compared the quality of plastics used in a Traditional Domestic (ie American) with that of a similar quality Traditional Import (ie Japanese)? The Japanese Domestic will always have a richer feel, because a higher quality of plastic is used.

Japanese manufacturers build long term relationships with their suppliers that are based on a mutual goal. “We need this widget. Can we build it for X dollars? If not, How much?” American manufacturers put out a tender for a product and then choose the cheapest bidder. Anyone with any inkling of business sense knows that the cheapest supplier is going to be cutting corners somewhere. In essence, you get what you pay for.

If the Traditional Domestics want to start building cars of the same quality as the Traditional Imports, they should allow their designers and engineers to do their jobs. Give the suppliers and the guys on the line the same raw products that the designers specify. Now that will mean a vehicle with a higher cost. Tough. Rearrange the proft structure. If you are building fewer quality cars that actually sell instead of building cars to keep plants working, the company will make more money. Toyotas are typically a bit more expensive than Fords and Toyota doesn’t appologize. They built cars that sell without sitting on a lot for a year. When was the last time you saw Toyota offering Employee pricing?

Instead of allowing the accounting departments to hold a leash around all the other departments, reign in the accountants and allow the design and productions teams to build great cars. Then we might start seeing some great American cars instead of American cars that SUCK!


  1. martin janes says

    I agree with the accountant remarks but I would also add that it takes way to long for american car makers to fix/ recall know problems (I would like to add that when it is a safety related issue the fix is as quick as the imports thus we know they can fix it but just don’t) . Example, when honda had a bearing cooling problem with it’s minivan transmissions the fix was put in place the next modle year. If we look at the american car we see known issues the continue year after year this is a management problem. Examples chrysler mini van tranmissions, GM mini van intake manifold and head gaskets, windstar electrical & tranmissions problems. On another note Who is running the show @ ford? The current focus is a good reliable car but it took about 8 years to get the bugs out of it. Every other car maker has come out with about two to three new modles in that time period even ford of europe has a new focus based on the mazda 3 but we get the old car @ almost the same price as the mazda 3!!!!

  2. Annie Nomus says

    How about the multiple thousands of dollars for legacy costs baked into every GM car? If those were cut out I’m sure they could afford to put in better materials and fewer exposed screwheads.

    Legacy cost removal = bankrupcy and leaving the pensioners to the US taxpayer.

    BTW, GM ergonomics are still pretty crappy, they really need to clone a Volkswagen or Audi interior designer.

  3. Richard says

    I am tool & die maker who has made his living making rubber dies for the auto industry. The Idea that we built anything less than a quality product because we had to win a bid to get the job is insulting. We also bid on japanese products. The long term supplier/auto relationship you refer to by the japanese only applies to those suppliers that toyota or honda own a large stake in, other wise they put there products out for bid like everyone else, we have done work for toyata & it required a low bid to get the work.
    As for the quality of the car itself versus individual componets there is a difference in how the japanese, especially Toyata makes there cars. Over a car models life span the japanese make incremental improvements over a span of years. Each year fixing & improving the model, this is an evoulutinary approach, american autos come out with a new & exciting model every few years. Which uses many new parts & has teething problems. There are also many differenses in how the employees are treated trained & expected to contribute to the process. I could right a volume about this subject & many have, but the reason Detroit isnt selling cars has many reasons, not to mention the unions which the Japanese dont have to deal with.

  4. says

    American cars are actually the best overall.Safety,durability,comfort,unfortunately not economy.French cars are the most economical Peugeot Diesels,also Renault and Citroen diesels do over 60 miles per gallon in my experience.GM Opel/Vauxhall and Ford are the best selling cars in europe and are better than most jap cars.You yanks/canadians need to learn more about cars.You never see an accord or camry here,thank fuck!.

  5. says

    @ Jock dude, in europe US cars are changed to fit european standards you idiot. Just like comparing a corolla in japan to a corolla in the US they’re different, moron!

  6. carl says

    your a retard foreign cars suck they are made like fuckin shit and have no balls at all. the foreign trucks can mud about as good as a fuckin bicycle and the average toyota has about 90 horsepower. the engines go after 100,000 miles and the suspension falls apart just as fast so fuck you and your goddamn foreign cars

      • kplatinum777 says

        I'd have to agree. As a whole, American automakers have been proven to cut corners. America has, in the past, focused far too much on large trucks and SUVs, and turned out mediocre sedans appalling enough to drive any sensible consumer into the dealerships of Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen, etc…

        But the tables are turning. Chrysler's recent takeover has resulted in five redesigned or refreshed vehicles (have you seen the new Charger?) because Fiat's CEO was disgusted with their previous cookie-cutter models. GM's post-bankruptcy interiors are the stuff of glory days. And Ford, with it's MyFord technology and invigorating designs, might have figured this out all on its own.

        The new issue is that the domestic automakers have found yet another way to cheat. They are importing vehicles from their European subsidiaries (Chevy Cruze, Buick Regal, Ford Fiesta, Ford Transit Connect, etc…) Usually, when a parent automobile company's subsidiaries design a dominant product, it is because that product is exclusively for the consumption of that respective nation/region (the Toyota Sequoia and Tundra were designed and are manufactured in the United States); it is NOT usual or acceptable that that parent company would throw caution to the wind, scrap its own designs, and import the product(s).

        So have we officially accepted that other nations can design better cars for OUR own market?

        Have we officially thrown in the towel?


    • jeff says

      thanks carl, i drive 100 miles a day to and from work 2 lane roads, i try to average 65 to 70 mph. every goddamn i have to pass is a toyota fo a peice of shit gm product. i drive a 93 ford escort which has over 400,000 miles on it fucking original engine, trans starter, alternator, i gas and go. it was only rated at 88 horse power but the little fucker will smoke a toyota and get 38 mpg. but my 2 trucks i have a 2009 ram hemi 4*4 and a 96 ford bronco 427 stroker (351winsor bult to the fucking max @ 5 miles per gallon) nearly 700 dynoed hp with 6 inch lift w/44 inch mt's you talk bout slinging the god damn mud. down here in bama we have mud races and a bronco with dana 44's will go where others get stuck hell i have to pull them out, i broke a chevy full sized blazer frame (cheap shit anyway) ford builds the best truck and dodge 2nd fuck gm. more gm's blown up mud racing, transmissions shit front and rear ends shit. i am a mechanic i work on all and gm is junk for 50 years junk and counting. building a 85 bronco with f-350 axels powerstroke 7.3

  7. Akhtarman says

    Carl and Jock, you are severly deluded.
    American cars suck much worse than any other- European, Japanese and even now Korean. The product is shoddily produced. Attention to detail is ignored. There are no attempts to improve continuously until the ‘next breakthrough model’ years later.

    However, I think that the real problem is deeper than you all think. It is a mentality problem. The Germans pay attention to detail and make things that last long- however, you will have to pay money to maintain items like that. Italians make cars that are not great mass-produced- but they have passion- great handling, good breaks and appealing more to emotions. The Japanese make cars that are very loyal and dependable and with incredible attention to detail. The electronics- a general weakness of the Europeans- is definitely a Japanese strength. They also make cars quite affordable and relatively easy to maintain- even Acuras, Infinitis and Lexus’.

    As for the Americans, they just can’t compete. They don’t have the long-term view of the Germans that something should last forever or perform incredibly. They can’t appeal to emotions like the Italians and other Europeans. They can not pay attention to details and make well executed products that are reliable, fit and finish well, look nice (seen a 2008 Accord or Camry?) like the Japanese (and now Koreans). Americans could never really compete with the top Europeans in the luxury/performance area and they can’t compete with the Asians (Japanese & Koreans) in the middle and lower level segment because they just can’t build the same level of quality for the same price.

    The main problem is that US is not a precise society that builds ‘sushis’ like Japan, it is a imprecise society that builds items for immediate consumption that just about get the job done- like a hamburger- big fat and does the basic job.

    It is a mentality thing my friends. Americans don’t have the mindset to build quality products. Whether you want great cars, electronics, jewelry, clothes, food, etc. you have to go elsewhere- America will just no do!!!!

    Sorry for the kick of reality!

  8. Radman says

    American cars suck across the board. The companies cannot build cars that people really want to buy on a global basis. If they could, 2 out of the 3 remaining American car companies would not be in bankruptcy now.

    They cannot compete on the basis of quality, they cannot compete on the basis of elegance, and they certainly cannot compete on the basis of performance. So what remains? Appealing on cheap populist and nationalistic emotions: "buy American". That may influence a few rednecks and simpletons, but my patriotism is not measured by the products I buy.

  9. Miguel says

    Arktarman’s comments are on the spot!!! its all about ADAPTATION and really KNOWING your marketplace! GM many years back had over 40% of the marketplace, they finished with under 19%…. why, they could never cope with the ever changing market! simple but true! its really a management fuck up for the past 20 years!!!! its a shame but if you see a company that cannot be able to change, while all these European/Japanese/etc carmakers are introducing every year a better/nicer car into the market and you see that GM is doing nothing, then it was just a matter of time for them to fall and that time has come (June 1st, 2009)…. Unbelievable!!!!

  10. Jesse says

    Yes, American cars do suck. I just bought a certified pre-owned Jeep one year ago, and it is already giving me issues, such as convertible strap, shifter boot, a tailgate that is wearing and rattling, poor design on the tail gate that dented it, and now an inop horn. Screw this. I will only buy jap cars from now on. Had a Toyota PU a few years back that someone gave me, and that old thing ran like there’s no tomorrow. American cars suck, and they deserve to go out of business for as long as they’ve sucked!!! Will never buy American again!!!!!!

  11. says

    Jesse, Radman, et al,
    What’s with the hysteria? U.S. cars are better and more reliable than they’ve ever been! I own a BMW 525 and have had four other Euro cars in the past. (M3, VW beetle, two Renaults.) All except for the Beetle had their merits. Beemers are great, but man – they do break and they do cost big bucls when they do. Had repairs on all of them similar to repairs on the domestics. Also had over twenty-five U.S. cars. Caddies, Mark VII and Mark VIII, Olds, Dodges, Buicks, Fords, Pontiacs, Corvair, Mustang, Thunderbird Super Coupe. Only real disappointment was a 1982 Chev Cavalier. Right now have a 2002 BMW525, 1998 C5 Corvette, 2006 Caddy SRX, 1986 Chevy pickup I got for 1500 four years ago and put 1200 into – runs great. The reliability difference between Euro and American is close to a push with U.S. being slightly more reliable across the board. Japanese and Korean are a little better, although I’ll admit their reputation is establshed and well deserved, at least for the Japanese. Korean’s first entries sucked, however – remember? Most Fords and newer GM models are very good – check Consumer Reports. Chrysler is lagging a bit, but Fiat owns them now. When Fiat was selling here in the late sixties, early seventies, they were TERRIBLY unreliable, but the FIAT Spider was “Cute.” Same with anything from England, including Rolls, MG, Jags in the early days. Ford saved Jaguar and was largely responsible for their improvement in reliability. Mercedes and VW until recent models have been beautiful cars but very unreliable. Do your homework,, boys. If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’.

  12. David Pysnik says

    I submit that almost all new cars suck. I'm going to change the scope from American vs. foreign to new versus old. This equates to comparing the new, Japanese-dominated market to the old American-dominated market of a few decades ago and longer. If you drive an old car, or even go to a junkyard, you'll see that the American companies once delivered quality. Cars were large and made solidly of strong metals and so were their engines. The exteriors would be adorned with emblems, chrome, vinyl tops, hood ornaments and unique styling. Interiors had switches and handles that were solid and reasonably unbreakable. Interior space was well proportioned and many cars could seat 6 with comfort. If a guard rail was hit, the guard rail was destroyed and a dent left in the the car. Cars rode smootly and softly. Compare this with the new cars of today. Everything is plastic unless it can't be, inside and out. The bumpers are fiberglass and many are filled with styrofoam with a pathetic, small metal bar inside. Hit a guard rail and the rail is left intact while your car collapes and causes thousands of dollars worth of damage. Interiors barely fit four and do not do so with comfort. Every car looks alike and is plain – no molding, no ornaments, and even the brand names will be painted on or imprinted into the plastic of the bumper instead the company spending 50 cents for a piece of trim. The engines are tiny and overworked. They have annoying timing belts instead of chains and use aluminum parts instead of steel. Everything from turn signal levers to window switches feel like they could easily break and more often do. The suspension is hard and the cars are loud. Proportions are awkward with fat, stubby tail ends and hoods that curve away to use as little material as possible. A new car looks, feels, and is disposable, made as cheaply as possible to maximize profits. Compare a "luxury" Lexus to the Cadillacs and Lincolns of the past and those old beasts will blow away the supposed luxury of anything on the market today. Compare a true sports car of the past, like a Mustang or Firebird, to the "sporty" garbage Honda puts out or to a new Mustang that thinks its got balls with its V6. Compare a neutered crossover with the grocery-getter station wagon that sat 9. The only way new cars are superior is in the natural evolution better technology (for example fuel injection efficiency versus a carbureator) but the past vehicles did the best they could with what they had where it seems practically every new cars actually uses technological advances to cut corners whenever possible. Even though both American and foreign cars suffer from this fever to maximize profits and lower the standard of what a car should be, I blame this trend initially on the foreigners. It was the Japanese who flooded this country with these tiny, plain, plastic cars. Americans, seeing the potential of the low quality Jap-crap for removing the cost and character from their cars, slowly started downgrading the cars to match and the profits were up…for awhile. In the end the Japanese were making crap, but it was more reliable crap than the Americans ended switching to and a new era was born of lame and boring cars like Toyota ruling the road. Kids today will grow up thinking a Focus is cool, an Accord with a V6 is powerful, a Chevy Impala is big, and a Lexus is luxurious. Most will never know what both American and foreign companies aren't giving them.

  13. George TheCar says

    My first car was a VW bug.

    It wasn’t particularly comfortable, fuel efficient nor safe. It had the badges and chrome you speak about but I would much preferred to have a car of the capabilities of a Yaris than that bug. It would have been seen as a supercar!

  14. George TheCar says

    people are getting better cars, note the declining road fatality rate for the last 4 decades, at prices that, inflation adjusted, are declining as well. Additionally cars are way more efficient and deliver better emission results.

    As is the case with so many things, 50 or a 100 years ago, many different solutions were tried to solve design problems. It that time many old designs are discarded and new adopted by experience narrows the design choices to the best performing and most cost efficient.

    “They used to build them better” is a myth whose day is done. Other than for collector value, I wouldn’t trade any 1950 car for a 2010 model.

  15. Mechanic says

    The old american cars were built very tough and reliable, then they wanted to compete with the small imports back in the late 70's and that's where they failed misserablly and kept failing. As they kept failing, they restructured to regain profits and the quality of materials went down hill very fast. By the late 80's and early 90's they were cutting corners to save $50 on every car. This meant big profits for them but it also sealed their fate as being inferior cars.

    I am a driver, please build me a car that will do everything I need it to do and that will last me at least 25 years. It can be done and I believe Toyota has done it, I drove an old '79 Corolla for 600,000 km. But now the new Toyota's and Hondas are being cheap. You can't trust anyone to build a reliable car anymore.

    Conclusion, American cars suck, Hondas & Toyota's suck, BMW & Mercedes suck, vw's suck, your car sucks and my new car sucks too!

  16. rudeboy says

    VW has made a far superior car for generations! Issues arise from moronic Americans either too cheap to pay for proper service or American mechanics too dumb to perform said maintenance. As for American cars? Honda and Toyota are as American as apple pie and the big three (GM,Ford,Chrysler) are just like the antiquated American mindset – Big, Dumb, Lazy. Commence hillbilly redneck retaliation.

  17. al says

    I found this article to be rather childish but I expected it from someone who is living in a socialist country and therefor has no understanding or respect for the free market. It has nothing to do with profit structure/accountants. If us companies recognized that bidding for higher quality materials would yield greater revenue than they would do it. accountants??? the whole company is aimed at maximizing profits from the CEO to the designers to the engineers. not just the accountants! You now have to ask yourself a different question: why wouldn’t a company make a change that would lead to greater profits (ie better plastics) The problem therefore is not internal to or endemic of the company. The problem is external. The largest external force: Taxation and income tax structure and labor/unions. GM and Ford have to cut costs with their plastics because they are paying so much more in labor (union contracts, pensions, benefits) and an income tax system which is hostile to free markets and overly complex leading to sky high opportunity costs.

      • Homer says

        Horribly said, Al. Labor costs, legacy, or otherwise, account for 10% of the total cost of producing a vehicle. The difference in labor costs, between the "domestic" brands, and the "non-domestic" brands, is a relatively small factor in the financial aspect of how a vehicle is produced. On average, the
        "non-domestic", non-union employees have a higher base pay than your average UAW worker. However, the retirement costs of the domestic employees do provide a higher cost for the "domestic" brands, than they do for the "non-domestic" brands.

    • Mark says

      Al, The reason that American cars are so infereior to most imports has little to do with union wages or taxes. The author hit the nail on the head. The main reason that American cars suck is not because they employ poor designers or engineers, but because they ignore their input if it will increase their bottom line. The execs have no pride in their product. They think short term gain, and are driven solely by greed.

    • tim says

      If our country (canada) is a socialist how come your country where capitalism is meant to be the way had to get some of there biggest company's bailed out cuz they cant run a company sounds more socialist than canada

  18. BF says

    SO much idiotic babble.I have never seen , read, or heard so much ignorant blabber in one place. I have yet to hear ONE substantiated comment. It’s quite obvious that most of you are quite embarrassed about your recent FOREIGN purchase and I HOPE YOU are the one who is out of work..And when it comes YOUR turn to retire you want WHAT? DO NOT ASK FOR ONE NICKEL FORM ANYONE, it would be quite contradictory on YOUR part ,you think? Maybe Japon will mail your drugs, tax money, and possibly some casjh for ahh I know FOOD !! WHAT IDIOTS !!!! I forgot, HWT STUPID< IGNORANT< IDIOTS..Wait until it's your tuen THEN COME BACK and tell me all about YOUR tiny little world and how YOU made it better by jap crap !!!IDIOTS

  19. Albert says

    American cars are unreliable and a waste of money. But it should come as no surprise. Just about EVERY American product is inferior, because in America everyone is just out for him or her self and really doesn't care about giving the customer what he or she paid for. Perhaps the biggest morons are American CEO's. They get paid astronomical amounts of money for doing next to nothing. Just compare the salary of an American CEO and that of a Japanese CEO in the same industry. I once did a side by side comparison and I was astonished by what I found. In every industry, although the Japanese companies were more profitable, the CEO of those companies earned a fraction of what his American counterpart earned!

  20. Homer says

    Why? The "domestics" are obviously going to have higher retirement costs, because they have been in the business for 100 years, producing thousands and thousands of retirees. The "non-domestics" really haven't been producing on a global scale for very long; hence, overall lower retiree costs. But, like I said, even though the "domestics" have the higher legacy costs, it still accounts for a very small percentage of the cost of producing a vehicle. I chalk the "domestics" problem up to the current trend of short-sighted US management style. Pump out a popular, gimicky, mass-produced product, totally focusing on nothing but profits; then, jump ship from the company with your golden parachute, and massive bonuses, before the mass-produced garbage piles explode in everyone's driveway, and sink your company. No long-term thought of the future viability of the company, whatsoever.

  21. Jammin' says

    This is what I have to say:
    If you like it, buy it. There are some very nice, reliable, luxurious American cars. At the same time, there are some very nice, reliable, luxurious foreign-made cars. It works similarly when we talk about "crap" cars. Both domestic and foreign companies make them.

    Again, if you like the car, get it. Each car has a different ride and "feel" to it. I personally like the Honda Element – but I will be yelled at for liking that car.

  22. Motor Maniac says

    American cars are the worst on the planet! They dont handle, they are cheap and their build quality is poor to say the least. The best cars are European, they always set the bench mark with quality, design, speed and style. All the worlds fastest cars have practically been European. From Jaguars in the 1950’s to the first 200mph production car in the 80’s – the Ferrari F40. European cars are the best, just look at what we have – Jaguar, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, BMW, Mercedes, Morgan, Caparo, Ariel, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Audi. The list goes on!

  23. Mawa says

    I had a little honda civic long ago. I only did regular oil changes every 6,000 km and I only had to change the brakes 2 times in its 105,000 km of life.
    One day I said ok I will give american cars a chance, what a great mistake !!
    Bought a brand new ford fusion and at 11,000 km the stering wheel hydraulics broke. At 33,000 km the rear brakes had to be replaced. At 39,000 km the water pump broke and now at 49,000 km the whole thing is falling apart and it is a money pit. I always change my oil like i did with the Civic, but this has been such a bad experience that i will never get another america car ever again.

  24. marcus says

    mawa you've got to be lying, My fusion is nearly five years old and hadn't experienced anything like that. My last toyota had it's main bearing spun because it's an overpriced peice of crap!

  25. Guest says

    Mawa it is a fact that you are lying. And it is obvoius that these people do not read information on cars by the experts in the news. Topgear is more comedy than a reliable source. All new cars are basically the same companies share many ideas and platforms that there is really no difference in American to foriegn.

  26. Johhny says

    why sucks?Because if you buy a American car for $30,000 now,you should prepare another $30,000 for gasoline,and that amount is only good for 2 years…

  27. ry says

    Carl ur an idiot 100k that’s jusr breaking in a ln import that’s when ur domestic shits out completely open ur eyes dipshit how many original 20 year old imports are driving around compared to ur shitty domestic there’s no comparison

  28. Aaron says

    Some good comments but sadly no one is correct because everyone thinks "in a box". There are three primary reasons EVERYTHING sucks nowadays.

    1. The money system: Besides being illegal in the USA (check the constitution) it is designed to cause inflation on a massive scale. This inflation causes the Governments to fall into debt. Governments have also expanded themselves to unsustainable proportions (eg. USA, Canada). These bankrupt governments are now taxing the population to death (parasite economics) and so people have little buying power. Now the dollar is worth less due to inflation and people are taxed more.so they have less money to spend. So in order for all businesses to sell product they are forced to move over seas which became economical once the shipping industry embraced the "sea container" system in the 1960's. So now they have product made by slaves an have tricked the people into thinking everything was ok because prices dropped but however this was a doomed model because now no one has a decent job anymore.

    2. Planned Obsolescence is the universal business model. This stupidity is guaranteed to wipe out human existence on this planet if we keep it up. Rather than build products that last we now build them only to last only a short while (Apple Ipods the worst example). Before planned obsolescence meant you would want the "better model" but your old model would still work if you could not buy the new one you wanted. Now the old stuff breaks as soon as the warranty runs out an the new ones are just as bad.. People are now wasting their lives working to buy things 5 times over before they die. I still have the blender from the 1950's I got from my Grandfather but all the "new" crap made in China craps out in less than 3 years if you are lucky.

    For example in today's heavily computerized autos all manufactures do a lousy job protecting the computer chips & fuse boxes which are now in the engine compartment. Dust & moisture get in there and short them out in less than 10 years. Already the computer on our Chevy Silverado is not turning itself on when I start the vehicle.

    Also they plan "piddly" things to break so they can get you for nickel & dime repair jobs. On all Chevy's they made the daytime running lights bulb sockets out of that white plastic that they used in the 70's to 80's that crumbles into dust when exposed to heat long enough. Then they put in defective bulbs that burned HOT an just waited for people to come in to have the sockets & bulbs replaced. O an the bulb & bulb socket are ONLY made by Chevy.

    So you pay $40 for the socket x2, $10.00 for the bulb x2, $60/hr for the job, and the usual fees & surcharges you normally get, plus TAXES, an you get $180 or so bucks for something that never should have happened. O, an now that they got you in, they'll find something else that is wrong that they designed to fail from the get-go.

    Chevy learned to "nickle & dime" their customers like most others (they all do it) but Ford did it the worst. The Super Duty trucks were so bad that everyone avoided them. These trucks were so poorly designed that our neighbor had to take the cab off just to change the "fan belt'.

    3. Our society has become fascist. The main reason there is so much screwing over the customer nowadays could be blamed on the ability of companies to carefully plan fail points in their products thanks to CAD (computer assisted design) but in reality it's the Greed of the rich who just take & take while passing the buck on to the little people that's causing the problem. An the recent crash & out right theft of TRILLIONS of dollars in the bank & auto bailouts speaks for itself. These crooks have been stealing tax payer dollars via "corporate welfare" for over two decades.

  29. Sick of the old ways says

    All I know is that I bought my gmc sonoma for 5000 bucks and since then I have put more money into it than what I bought it for! It's a four cylinder and has less power than a honda civic and gets way worse mileage. The body is rusting away and the trasnmission ( 5 speed manual) is total crap. I've had four throwout bearings go bad in 9years. That gets to be pretty annoying when its 18 degrees out and your clutch pedal goes to the floor. Not to mention the abysmal holding force of the pressure plate. The truck puts of like 90 hp at the wheels, gm can find a cluth that'll hold that? Please! The truck has gotten me to work for nine years but I've had to sacrifice an awful high percentage of my paycheck to do so! I'm buying Honda or Toyota next. For all those MERICA people do a little research. There is no such thing as an American car any more.

  30. Collectivepitch says

    There's no such thing as a Japanese car in the US. They're all made designed and made by Americans in American factories. It's unfortunate you cannot own a true Japanese car but in Japan…

    So, I don't really get the point of this article…

    • Nick says

      That maybe true for the lowend modles (Toyota, honda, nissan) the high end ones are for the most part still made in glorious japan (i drive a 2004 Lexus LS currently has over 100k miles and still runs as good as new)

  31. Equillibrium88 says

    As one person already pointed out, that Japanese vehicles are being built in America by Americans. That is not to say that the true Japanese quality is not shining through.
    Just because the vehicles are being built in America, they are being built to Japanese manufacturing standards not American ones. That’s the difference.
    I have owned two American makes, GMC and JEEP.
    I never had so many factory faulted repairs on the Jeep. Brake booster (sealed from the factory) got a rip in the diaphragm, then the seal on my tranny rotted and my torque converter died.
    While all the meatheads in my town where beefing their jeeps for mud, which I played in too. I spent more time upgrading axles and Steering components that get overlooked and usually break first.

    The Jap cars I have owned is a Mazda CX-5 GT and my current 014 Tacoma. There is not many incentives to buy foreign. They don’t need these bribes to sell their cars because they engineered them to sell and last. All makes have their quarks but generally the fit and finish and business ethics of Jap companies exceeds that of American makes. US makes cars for the sake of making cars instead of only making enough to sell, they sit on the lot forever and as long as they do they aren’t making the manufacturer any money so it’s no wonder they have cash problems.

    I think if the business sense of American makes changed and they spent more time using better quality materials and was not in a race to produce millions of cars quickly the product would garner higher reviews and greater overall quality.

    To truly understand Japanese business ethics is to understand the reason why a lot of their products are built so well. Americans refresh vehicles every few years, while japs update continuously through evolutionary processes.

    Living next to a plant that may or may not support your whole community is unfortunately not good enough to sway people towards those vehicles.
    Having pride in your job has nothing to do with what you are making. Just like you put the cars together but you don’t source the material or design it so you really don’t know how long those materials will last or how well they will work once assembly is complete.

  32. Hai Sun Yee says

    American car: BAD; Asian car: EXCELLENT. Worst car company ever is Chrysler. They don’t know art of auto design and build. Jeep is a company who build junk too. They don’t care about their customer, only a mega profit driven empire with no regard to quality and customer satisfy. Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Kia care about their customer very much. They build best automobile for the cheapest cars to fine luxury and exotic.

  33. Aaron says

    Ford have been making cars for a hundred years and they still haven’t figured out how to make a transmission. Some absolute lemons from ford …. the escape, windstar, explorer, focus, and the v8 f150 that spits out spark plugs.
    GM has been bailed out and their cars are still crap. Dodge in the dictionary means to avoid as in your car will spend more time in the shop then it will on the road. They use cheap parts that will break because they hope and you probably will take the car back to them so they can fix it…. over and over again. same parts break no matter how you maintain or drive it.

    Buy a Toyota and do the regular oil changes and maintenance. No bs … pay a little more. you get what you pay for!


  1. […] As The Garage is so close to GM Canada’s headquarters, and a large number of Durham Region’s population depend on The General, I have spent some time over the years justifying my position that Traditional Domestics (ie American cars) SUCK. They ask “how can you say that when your neighbour’s income depends on those cars” or “we take great pride in the quality of our cars”. […]

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