Whiners whine about Oshawa Mayor’s Home Town Ride

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Today’s Toronto Star has a story that just makes my blood boil: some misguided constituents are upset with the mayor of Oshawa’s new ride. That’s him, John Gray, up above with his brand spanking new 2010 Chevy Camaro SS.

Some holier than thou “political watchdog” has taken it upon himself for stirring the pot because he doesn’t feel that the Mayor’s pay package should provide for a sports car. He feels he is superior because he drives a $200 Saturn, while the mayor drives a $38,000 Camaro, which is unfriendly to the environment.

Hello McFly….care to put your $200 beater on a dyno next to the Camaro? I’ll bet you your $200 that the 425 ponies in the Camaro emit half the pollutants that your rat spews out.

Somewhere along the way, as this whole auto industry collapse fiasco has grown, the Fun Suckers (as Pat Bedard calls them) seem to have decided that any auto that increases the pulse is a bad thing. For some time here in Ontario, media could road test any GM they wanted just so long as it was a hybrid. Chrysler began pushing their 6 cylinder, 5 speed auto Challenger for it’s fuel efficiency. Anything that is fun is taboo.

I’m sorry folks, but I dread the day that we can’t walk into a showroom and buy a fun car. Of course fun can still be efficient rather than wasteful, but we have to have some fun!

Back to Mayor John Gray: This man has done nothing but be loyal to his home town industry and stick up for his constituents. The Camaro is built in GM’s finest facility and that facility happens to be right here in Oshawa, Ontario. Good for you John! May your neighbours follow suit and buy one too!

To get all the gory details, read the Star article and be sure to check out the now closed comments section for an entertaining read.

Photo by Rick Madonick for the Toronto Star

Jil McIntosh shares her viewpoint on the topic too.


  1. says

    That’s just so wrong on so many fronts. Leave the guy alone and go do something benificial for the people who need it for crying out loud. My hat is off to the mayor for fulfilling a dream and having worked hard enough to do so.

  2. Evan Holt says

    I think this echos Jeremy Clarkson’s final statements on the last episode of Top Gear. Well here’s to John Gray and I hope he enjoys every mile he travels in his beautiful new ride.

  3. Jouni says

    Hey Gary F, not just the fulfilling a dream aspect…how about the fact that he’s putting his money where his mouth (and electorate) is. Not everyone can afford it right now, but it just makes me feel good that a high profile local politician stands up for his community and buys local. Bit of a shot in the arm for the local working man, IMO…

    Now, do you think he’ll lend me his car when I wanna take my wife out on a hot date? 😉

    My $0.02, and off the soap box…

  4. says

    Let the guy drive what he wants to drive. The Camaro SS, incidentally, gets remarkably good gas mileage for a car with four hundred ponies…

  5. Watchdog says

    Follow up to this story. John Gray was defeated because of the Camaro (as John said himself on the election night loss) The Camaros was SOLD, and the City took a huge loss. John Gray had an opportunity to buy the car he loved so much, but just like when he was in office, he did not want to spend his own money, and he passed on buying it. Higest taxes on Canada, and higest employment, and this idiot mayor was hot rodding around town wheil the City went to shit. John Gray is now selling solar panels, and not doing to well at it. Guess that watchdog was bang on. The Camaro now thrives across Canada and the US, and is still proudly made in Oshawa Ontario, with many of it's components made in China.

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