When Mustangs and 7-Up Mixed

I subscribe to a fun little site called Bring a Trailer, which features classic, unique, rare, and plain odd cars for sale. I was especially intrigued at a recent post about a highly original 7-Up Mustang. Um, a what? It’s no secret that Ford is famous for trotting out limited, or special edition Mustangs on a regular basis, but there was some mystique to this, so some exploration was needed, since a little notoriety always adds interest.

Apparently, in 1990 7-Up teamed up with Ford in a promotion to give away 30 7-Up Edition Ford Mustangs for the 1990 NCAA Basketball finals. Audience members would have to sink a shot from center court, and win the car. At the last minute, the promotion was scrapped, but the car was essentially ready for production. Ford went ahead and built the car, which is essentially a 1990 Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible, and sold it as a limited edition model, with no mention of 7-Up. But the looks of the car make the relationship clear, with Deep Emerald Green Clearcoat paint, white leather interior, and white canvas top (trademark 7-Up colors) and Mustang GT alloys.

Ford had intended to build a total of 5,000 of the ‘7-Up’ cars, but stopped at 4,103. Of those, 1,360 were 5-speed manuals, the remaining 2,743 were equipped with an automatic. Interestingly, 261 cars were exported. While little more than an appearance package, the 7-Up Mustang is a fun and interesting little factoid from the history book of one of America’s most beloved cars.

The Garage thanks a dedicated 7-Up Edition Mustang site for the useful information cited here.


  1. says

    I have always been a huge fan of the classic Mustangs but never heard of this model. Certainly not a bad looking car though. But then again, what Mustang does look bad.

  2. Kenny K says

    bought one brand new, thought it would be cool to keep it new. it now has 9,000 miles on it and still bone stock/original. its garaged in Sayville, New York and I still enjoy it.

    • tony says

      HI, I also have one,from Suffolk co.do you know do I need to replace conv top w/oxford white,do you have your orig ordeor window sticker? thank you Tony.

  3. ches says

    How do you tell if a 7-up car is an orginal 5-speed car and not a converted auto car ? Do you know what gears came in the 7-up cars ? Thanx

    • Adam phyall jr. says

      I have the original owners manuals, keys,window document and all assembly line parts, except the battery. The battery is a motorcraft replacement. 3075 original miles.


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