When German street racers try to go legit.

DEU BW  Formel 1 Hockenheim I will classify this article under “Odd automotive news from around the world.” Police in Baden-Württemburg raided the famous Hockenheim race track Saturday night.

Around 100 individuals with 43 cars slipped into the famous F1 track to hold some nighttime racing when they were confronted by German police.

The illegal participants were fined said a police spokesman. He also said that it quite likely illegal racing has been held regularly for some time now.

Those who had taken part organized the event on the internet. They had arranged to meet at a local parkplatz before entering the track to begin their nocturnal races.



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    HAHA. this story is great. I wonder where Evo Street Racers would sit on this issue. They strongly petition illegal street racers to race on the track… and well these guys did? Or did they. too funny! illegal street race on a track. who would have ever thought!

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