VW’s new pickup truck… Amarok.


Volkswagen is planning to bring to their new pickup truck to dealerships in Spring 2010.  Originally called the Robust, the Amarok is named after the giant wolf of Inuit mythology.

Reports say that the first  Amarok will be a four dour model powered by one of several VW diesel engines mated to a six speed gearbox with four wheel drive.  A two door model will be debut later.  The bed is around 5 feet in length which is comprable to a Honda Ridgeline. VW’s prime markets for the Amarok are Africa, Australia, South America and Russia. There is no word on the Amarok coming to North America, but some believe that VW will bring a bluemotion version to highlight their clean diesel technology.

VW has not given the North American market a pickup since the old VW Rabbit pickup. America has given the Germans David Hasselhoff and Baywatch. He stars in one of their Max and Bus ads, and they made a  Baywatch inspired commercial with the previously named Robust.

The Amarok will initially be built in VW’s Argentine plant. It will debut at dealerships in South America in the Spring of 2010, followed by a European release around summer 2010.

Source auto motor und sport if you speak German!

Check out the the Robust ad after the break


  1. Greg Miller says

    super huge market for high mpg pick ups in America and volkswagon has ignored it for years! This diesel technology is awsome and could give the average guy 45 to 50 mpg.

  2. Matt712 says

    So let me get this straight, all of the rest of the world finds diesels acceptable, but we don't?
    Land Rover 110 oops not imported
    Toyota diesel trucks, not-a
    Nissan no
    Mahindra maybe
    GM and Ford, thats okay
    Let Cummins Rein!!

  3. nursebetty says

    The only thing I would be interested in buying from VW would be a high mpg diesel truck, I've been waiting for something for years,……………..pleeeeease bring it to the US market!!

  4. At the pump says

    Macho trucks don't cut it any more give me a little dieisel truck like the Volkswagen Amarok,we're waiting hell
    I'll order one today. I own a vw 1.5 tdi and runs like a top and couldn't be happier with it's performance.
    VW- don't miss out on US demand for Amarok!

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