VW vending machine

Over at Jalopnik, they are talking about this really cool engineering wonder of the German car world. It looked pretty cool so I scooted over to the home site to find that this incredible car stacker is only just the beginning of a wild automotive adventure.

Looking up the Auto Tower

The incredible car dispenser is actually housed within a VW new car dealership and holds their complete new car inventory. Buy a new car, give a token to the attendant and the machine retrieves your car. A glass door opens and spits our your new car. I wonder how they shake the machine when a car gets stuck in it’s slot. When it finally falls, do you sometimes get two?

The Volkswagen dealership is actually one of 2 dealerships in Autostadt, an automotive theme park. The other store is none other than a Lambo shop! The park also boasts a Ritz-Carlton hotel, 7 restaurants and a car design studio. There is an automotive museum, a technology museum and even a theater with dance school. There are 3 driving schools, catering to Schumacher wannabes, off road newcomers and even little kids.

driving school.jpg

Anybody visiting Wolfsburg soon has got to check this place out. Just watch out for things falling from the vending machine!

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