Vintage Lotus fun at Mosport


What you see above is the 1962 Lotus Super Seven belonging to Jeremy Sale, just about at the apex of Mosport’s corner 10. This 1,500cc Ford powered Seven is an original car that has been racing for years. It lived with the Baker family for some time and was apparently bent up pretty well. It moved into the hands of Jeremy Hinchcliffe (father of Indy Lights driver James) who lovingly restored it. Due to their light weight, Sevens have always been pretty quick and this one is no slouch. Jeremy’s fastest lap at Mosport has been a 1:39.139 (quick for a 1,500cc anything) and it was a couple of seconds quicker with the young Hinch behind the wheel.

Check out a few laps of Mosport after the break. I’d be interested in knowing where the 911 driver was headed at times. Man, some really weird lines!

A couple of cars that regular readers may recognize in this video are the reproduction of Bill Brack’s Hot Wheels Mini and Leon Lok’s Volvo 142.



  1. says

    Lines? What lines? Besides the Lotus nobody had one. The Porsche’s compass must be broken because he didnt know north from south.

    Man I’ll tell you what… Watcing this video is like watching the Twilight Zone and needing a shower afterwards. The Lotus dirves a nice line and I had no problem with him at all. But there was some other really weird stuff including racing lines. First off whats with the hazard warning construction tape on the rear of the Porsche? Then there was that other car lighte blue car that kept passing the Lotus like it was sitting still and then the Lotus would burn him and leave him in the dust for a long time… then here it would come again. Obvioulsy someone whot “thought” he could drive. I never did figure out what kind of car the blue one was… looked like the front of an E-type Jag and the back end of an Avante Studebaker???

    I’m going to go shaower now.

  2. Mike Freeman says

    I agree apart from the Lotus, what lines?
    The strange car is an Elva Courier, but it shouldn’t be that quick in a straight line. Mind you a slightly higher rear axle ratio would have seen the Lotus clear of the lot with no bother.
    Nice driving for an old’n though.

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