Video: Top Gear hits 407 KMH in a Bugatti Veyron

I’m pretty sure I saw this floating around the net a few months ago, yet somehow I haven’t seen it. It’s always moving to watch a grown man brought to tears, and that’s exactly what happens to Mr. Clarkson when he hits 407 K.

Watch the video after the break


  1. says

    ok this is very cool. I love the key that you have to put in to set the car up for the run.

    but 850,000 is ummm 1.6 mill USD

    hmmm I can get a bunch of other cars with that sum.

  2. says

    That’s true…1.6 certainly could buy a lot of toys.

    I just love the way the wing retracts and the car hunkers down low. Too cool.

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