Video: Elise Trophy startling line bust up

You’re on the starting line, revs up, ready to launch. The flag drops and you let fly, when suddenly your weekend goes for a giant dump. Check out this wicked start from the Elise Trophy race at Brands Hatch in June.

Via AC at the Axis of Oversteer


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    I just love starts and even watching one get’s my heart pumped up. This exactly how it feels during a start and it’s also why it feels so good when you do manage to get a good “clean” start and avoid all that happens with no incident. On the other hand I was very surprised they threw the green flag when the safety workers where so exposed on the side of the grid. While it’s common to see safety workers at the side of the race course, it’s not common to see them during the start. Not even racers in full gear are allowed “over the wall” until after a full lap has gone by.

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    Yeah, I was expecting to see a problem with the stopped car. I was surprised they went green with the car & workers so close to the line.

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