VARAC Saturday enduro

On Saturday afternoon at the VARAC festival last week, the final event of the day was a 1 hour enduro. The term enduro caused a bit of chuckling among the old guard, as a 1 hour race is far from being an enduro but at least it allows more track time than most guys get in vintage cars. The race was also sort of a run what ya brung type of deal, meaning the grid was shared by everything from MG T series to much more modern sports racers.

The format was something along the lines of 1 driver with a mandatory pit stop, 2 drivers sharing a car or 2 drivers in 2 different cars! Obviously, this is little more than a fun event. It seems that it was fun for just about everyone except for Dino Micacchi who lost a wheel on the blue Corvette and did some rather substantial damage to the front end.

We didn’t stay for the whole hour, as dinner was calling. We did manage to spend a bit of time on pit lane and inside turn 10 grabbing a few photos before hoping into the cars and heading home.

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