Tragedy strikes rally community following Rally of the Tall Pines

I have long believed that more racers die on the way home from an event than do while actually racing. Sadly, that belief was supported once again on Saturday night following the Rally of the Tall Pines.

37 year old volunteer worker Sabina Sima, from Hamilton, Ontario was killed in a 2 vehicle collision on Highway 28 just east of Bancroft. She was a passenger in a Subaru that was being driven by a fellow volunteer when the vehicle crossed over the center line and collided with a Dodge pickup that was travelling in the opposite direction. The driver of the truck received minor injuries while the driver of the Subaru was airlifted to Kingston General Hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Our thoughts go out to Sima’s family and friends.


  1. Warwick says

    They were my TV banner crew for the weekend. They were definitely the friendliest and most enthusiastic new rally fans I've ever met. Such a shame this happened.

  2. says

    The scary thing is that it can happen so easily on a dark stretch of 2 lane after spending a 12-14 hour day working outdoors. It takes little for the mind to wander and less for the vehicle to wander.

  3. stoneycreeker says

    Sadly it was an unfortunate accident, the driver (the fellow volunteer) was her husband who is a great man and treated her like gold, he's an excellent mechanic and he loves her very much, Sabina was taken away from her friends and family too soon, she had a lot to give my deepest condolences to Mariusz and her family I cry everyday just thinking that we won't see her anymore and the pain the family is going through especially her husband.

  4. ewa says

    Za rzekę, w cień starych drzew
    PobiegÅ‚a kiedyÅ› Å›rodkiem dnia –
    Muzykę wzięła z sobą, jakiś wiersz,
    Drobiazgów parÄ™, parÄ™ zdjęć,
    Sukienkę lekką tak jak mgła.
    Czy teraz jej łatwiej żyć,
    Czy nie tnie w twarz poranny chÅ‚ód,
    Pomiędzy nami, odkąd nie ma jej,
    Zwykłego ciepła mniej i mniej,
    I gorzki bywa nawet miód.
    I gorzki bywa nawet miód.

  5. says

    Very pretty Ewa.

    Translation via google:

    Behind the river, in the shade of old trees
    She ran past a means of –
    Music took with him, a poem,
    A few trinkets, a pair of images,
    Dress like a light fog.
    Is it now easier for her to live,
    Do not cut in the face the morning chill,
    Between us, since it is not,
    Ordinary heat less and less,
    And sometimes even bitter honey.
    And sometimes even bitter honey.

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