Tragedy mars 2008 VARAC festival at Mosport


Part way though the Group 6 race for Wings & Slicks this morning, the hills around Mosport went silent. It was the kind of eerie silence where you know that something very bad has happened.

At the top of the hill, in the slight bend the Ex Gilles Villeneuve Wolf Dallara Can Am car of Dino Crescentini got sideways at very high speed. The wind got under the car, which barrel rolled several times before impacting the wall and then rolling again. The successful endurance and sprint racer died at the scene. Organizers canceled the rest of the day’s races out of respect.

Our thoughts go out to Crescentini’s family and crew. The vintage racing community is a small, tight knit one and this afternoon was pretty sombre, with much reflection and friends supporting each other. Even though vintage racing is a fun pastime that doesn’t often cause injury or death, all must remember that some classes are high strung racing machines capable of close to 200 mph. It doesn’t take more than the tiniest of errors to bring on catastrophe.


  1. Tagg says

    What a tragedy. People wonder about racers and their sport. Dino was what it’s all about. The joy, the fun, the friendshiop, challenge and commradery. Dino was a true sportsman and hero and the kind of Guy that we all should strive to be. That would be the greatest tribute of all.

    My heart and prayers to his Wife, Family and all of his friends.

  2. Don Queen says

    I met Dino for the first time on Friday. I laughed with him on Saturday and I wept on Sunday.

  3. Don George says

    I met Dino on the Friday afternoon. I flagged original Can-Am at St. Jovite in the 60’s. Being in Mosport brought back memries that I shall never forget.

    My thoughts are with his family and friends. A great loss to the vintage racing community.

    Dino, may you rest in peace.

  4. says

    Sunday was something I wish upon no one.

    The drive home from Mosport was a very somber one.

    After the driver’s meeting I had a chance to quickly talk to a few racer friends. They were all very humble and apologetic. None of them wanted to see the weekend cancelled, but all knew it was the right thing to do.

    It took several days for me work out my emotions after witnessing Dino’s crash. I felt horrible for his family, team and racing community. More crushing was the fact it scared the hell out of me. I’ve been dreaming of vintage racing for some time now, but will really have to think hard on the subject.

    To the people posting, thank you for all the shots and the history lesson.

    Dino, rest in peace.


  5. Tullio Flavio e Matteo says

    Per i figli e la moglie di Dino.

    Siamo Flavio e Matteo Maria Tullio, padre e figlio ,di Padova .
    Abbiamo conosciuto casualmente per telefono Dino tramite un amico comune e subito siamo diventati amici per la passione che ci univa.( le auto Can Am )
    Nell’ ultima sua visita in Italia ,mi era venuto a trovare a Padova e avevamo studiato un programma insieme per correre in europa;poi a seguito dei regolamenti restrittivi della Fia per le CAN Am a guida centrale non si e’ fatto nulla.
    Ci sentivamo spesso per telefono ma ultimamente poco in quanto dal mese di marzo ho dei problemi di salute che mi hanno limitato …
    Ho saputo solo ora della scomparsa immatura e terribile del amico Dino , leggendo le notizie su internet.
    Io e mio figlio siamo molto vicini alla famiglia.

    Flavio e Matteo


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