Toronto teen charged with stunt driving after running 240 km/h on local highway


The Ontario Provincial Police pulled over a black Nissan GT-R on Monday evening after recording it blasting across Toronto’s Highway 407 at a whopping 240 km/h. That works out to 150 mph for our American readers. The limit on that stretch of road is 100 km/h.

The driver was 18 year old Vince Lisi. The young man has been charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, stunt driving and failure to surrender driver’s license. Under Ontario’s laws, the fines can up to $10,000. Lisi’s car (Dad’s car?) has been impounded and his license has been seized and suspended for a week.

There are lapping days every single day here in Ontario at this time of year, where for a couple of hundred bucks, one can exercise their toys safely. Instead, this stupid, disrespectful rich kid decided to play Fast & Furious on the street. Good luck in your future quest for car insurance!

News source: Global via Autoblog Canada

A few months ago, I had the pleasure to drive the 2015/16 NISMO GT-R at Sodeguara Forest Raceway just outside of Tokyo. This is where these cars should be driven!


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