Toronto Autoshow Day 2

Day 2 of the Canadian International Autoshow, the media open house has come to an end. I must admit that I’m feeling incredibly old tonight, as I am absolutely wiped after two full days of walking. While I don’t have the energy to share stories, I at least have to share a few images from the day. Sadly, no girls today, so it looks like I’ll have to make another trip down during the show. If you are in Toronto between now and the 22nd, you should drop by the show.

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  1. Tom Williams says

    OK, the Audi S4 is a great car, but seriously, it’s barricaded behind low glass “walls” on media days? The R8, I understand. The irreplaceable UR Quattro rally car? Absolutely. But the S4? Why?

  2. says

    Yeah, I know what you mean Tom. Three of us went down on the first public day to shoot video (The best day for it in my opinion). All in Carkeys garb with media passes and yet we had trouble getting near many of the cars. Not for the crowds, but the “rented staff” on the stands. It took a fair time to get permission to open the hatch and film the engine bay of the R8, and for me to stand inside one display necessitated a call to head office. I wasn’t asking to touch the dam car, just stand next to it with a radio mike in my hand and talk to the camera.

    It was like this all over the show, and how can you get good shots with ropes and barriers all over the place?

  3. says

    I’m not a pro foto guy but for my MINI blog I do go to the LA Auto show and know how tough it is to get decent pics with the bad lighting, odd angles because of the ropes, crowds, kids. When I go, not during the press part like you guys, I get all of the mobile phone pic taking fools out there gumming up your sightline jamming their phones in your face when I’m trying to get a better angle, shot!

    Nice pics.

    • says

      One of the funniest things I saw on media day was a pair of guys, taking phone cam shots of each other while they made pseudo GQ poses on the front fender of a purple Challenger. Must have been some guys who got in as production assistants for a video crew or something.

  4. says

    I covered the UK Auto Show this year and the organizers came up with a brilliant idea for that (Well, at least they thought it was). They held competitions prior to the event with the prizes being…Public admittance to the media days!!!

    You can imagine what that meant for the press who were trying to work there. After all, we understand the correct etiquette IE: You wait for your turn and you don’t stand in front of the guy with the honking great TV camera.

    Honestly, it was a nightmare. I’ve never seen so many camera phones in my life, and all of them seemed to be in front of my lens!

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