The Garage Welcomes Gary Faules


I’ve been thinking for a while now, that it might be time to add a contributor or five to The Garage. The problem is that The Garage has turned into a pretty neat place. The Garage really is made up of the stuff that makes me tick. So where do we find someone who’s view of the automotive world kind of jives with mine? Someone who is into the history of racing. Someone who works in the industry and knows what they are talking about. Then, Gary Faules appeared in our comments.

Not only does Gary Faules operate a successful automotive shop, he’s a true racer. His current project is the restoration of a 1965 Shelby GT350 into a vintage rally car. Leading up to this, Gary has raced everything from Vipers to Mazdas and written about his adventures along the way.

The GT350 build is being documented in the La Carrera Panamericana 2007 blog and now Gary is going to grace The Garage with the odd bit of build info. As the event draws closer, I would expect that we’ll likely hear about the successes and failures that come with sorting out a new/old car.

Welcome to The Garage Gary! Now if we can only do something about that name…


  1. says

    I had a German Shepard names Shelby. He was one of the greatest. Then we had Hummer and Turbo and now Nitrus. You have no idea how close we came to naming one of our children Shelby.


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