The Garage gets some new duds

As you may have noticed, we’ve changed things up a bit here in The Garage. Thanks to our techie guru Jaimie, we’ve got a cool new header and a cleaner look. The new look is more than just a few ad blocks and a new header image though. There are some cool new features in this new format that will make The Garage a more useful place for you, the reader.

First off, maybe the coolest feature is the ability for readers to change the page size to account for aging eyesite. When you are in The Garage, hold down the control key and then you can resize the page with the + & – keys. It works best in Firefox, but it also works in Explorer.

For those who want to keep track of their fave scribe, each bloggers content can be seen by clicking on their name at the top of a post. Coming soon will be a bio to go along with these pages.

Another new function is called asides. This feature will allow us to post those occasional, simple, one or two line thoughts that aren’t worthy of a full post.

As you can see, we now have some ad blocks built into the sidebar. We work hard to bring you a quality read here in The Garage and a few ads here and there will help keep the great stuff coming. If you have something to advertise, be sure to drop me a line at gary at

Keep a sharp eye, as I have a feeling there are a few other exciting little changes that are going to pop up around here soon.

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