The Cone Killer Cometh

You really hit a lot of cones in the autocross!

This was what Scott had to say about my autocrossing skills as he was editing the following video. All I have to say for myself is that it has been an awfully long time since I ran the cones!

Really though, Scott was much kinder in his portrayal than I was expecting. Thanks Bro!

Autocross at IMPA 08 from Scott Simmons on Vimeo.

Seeing as all of our readers south of the border are going to have a bunch of time on their hands with this super long weekend, we are going to have a video marathon here in The Garage. Over the next few days, you can expect to see the BMW 1 series in action, a very dirty Nissan Xterra and we put the Dodge Challenger SRT8 through it’s paces.

Oh yes, that 19 second run was clocked by non other than Crash Corrigan.


  1. says


    Will and I had to decide… Blazing Saddles or Gary hitting the cones. We are still rolling on the floor and it's not because we were watching Blazing Saddles. LMAO!

  2. says

    Gary, you should do what I do, imagine that the cones are full beer bottles and as soon as you get to the end they’re going to let you drink the ones left standing :-)

    That autocross was a lot of fun and I managed to come away with a couple of nice prizes, I hope that they do it next year!

  3. Scott Simmons says

    If you notice both the BMW and the Saturn laps had 3 passed edited down into 1. If we really want to see more of the cone killer doing his thing then I need up put up all the raw footage. Those cones didn’t stand a chance!!!


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