Tanner Faust is the new King of the Mountain

A good many of our west coast friends grew up with Mulholland Drive as their personal race track, learning every curve like the back of their hand. Those of us further east had to read about it in magazines and the occasional glimpse in a movie. My personal fave was King of the Mountain, starring Harry Hamlin and his 356 Speedster replica. Dan Haggerty of Grizzly Adams fame playing a Porsche shop owner, retired racer and one time King of the hill. The bad guy is played by Dennis Hopper who steals the show with his drunken ways and his wicked primer coat Corvette.

This was the street racing that us guys from the east dreamed about. None of this stoplight drags nonsense, but attacking a windy canyon road with an opponent. I must have watched it as many times as the guys who lived there actually drove the road. Maybe more.

Not content to let Ken Block have all the fun, drift star Tanner Faust recently hit Mulholland in his Scion drift car. Once the CHP has the road locked down, the thundering 600 horsepower NASCAR V8 comes to life and the smoke show starts.

Click through the break, select full screen and turn up the volume!


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