Lotus Exige S: more track porn

I don’t think there are many gearheads who don’t truly get the mystique of the Lotus name. The heritage behind the marque comes from years of racing success and innovation. The modern cars are nothing short of spectacular, combining lightweight construction that would do Colin Chapman proud with modern Toyota drivetrains which are infinitely tuneable and absolutely bulletproof. Oh yeah, they look killer too!

Now, I’ll let our video guru, Scott Simmons take up the story:

As the creator of the Garage Blog videos I had to indulge myself by creating a little piece of car porn. The Lotus Elise and Exige are two of my favorite cars. Brian Shepherd of Lotus Cars USA brought a yellow Exige S to the 2008 IMPA test days. At the end of the event I was able to hop in the car and take the last lap of the day around the track with Brian at the wheel. We didn’t have time to mic up for on track commentary but the lap around was one of the best of the day. The Exige S is one helluva car. Thanks Brian!

Lotus Exige S at IMPA 08 from Scott Simmons on Vimeo.

The Garage on Flickr: Lotus

Once again, there are just so many incredible images in The Garage Blog Flickr pool, that I can’t make up my mind. Rather than a photo of the week, I think I’m just going to share them randomly.

This incredible shot of a Lotus in the fog was taken by Roberto Blank. I just love the contrast of the yellow machine with the grandstand lurking in the fog behind it.


If you’ve got your own great shots to share, be sure to join us on Flickr