A new look for The Garage Blog

The long standing 2 column look we’ve had here in The Garage served us well, but it was getting a bit tired. We decided that the place could use a bit of sprucing up both visually and functionally.

We know some of the other gearhead blogs out there have had redesigns recently and one of them in particular sucks badly! We were determined not to follow that trend. Instead, we wanted to make it easier for our readers to find the great content you are looking for.

A few new features

  • Those tabs at the top right will take you to some key pages
  • The navigation bar below them links to our most popular categories
  • The cool features box at the top provides a peek at our hottest new stories
  • Featured posts are stories we think you should see first
  • NASCAR and news have their very own spots down below
  • The “blog” tab up above displays content in line like the old version

Have a look around and let us know what you think!

Cool new galleries in The Garage

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that we have a new system in place to manage our images. The NextGen WordPress plugin allows us to bring you photo galleries that open up in a cool slideshow. Just click on an image and then click the forward arrow to see the next image in all it’s large size glory. Click on the image again and the slideshow closes, bringing you right back to the post. It will be some time before we can load all of our old galleries into the new system, but you can be sure that all our new posts will have easy to navigate pictures! Check it out below.

[nggallery id=5]

No Image Available

Well folks, that software update we have been talking about lately happened today and something rather catastrophic happened: Our complete image file got nuked.

Now that my convulsions have stopped, I can lay that out for all you readers. This means that the images for over 1800 posts, spanning more than 3 years will have to be reconstructed. This is going to be a monumental task. Fortunately, we still have most of the images on file but as you might guess, our filing process is somewhat lacking.

On the really positive side, this will give us lots of practice with some of the features this new version of WordPress offers. All of our galleries will now be hosted right here in The Garage, rather than using Flickr slideshows. This should be pretty slick, but it will be taking some time to get it all sorted out. Like maybe even months.

Please bear with us, we’ll get all of our pretty pictures back where they belong!

Hold on, it could be a bumpy ride!


Over the next couple of days, our IT guru will be upgrading the WordPress software that powers The Garage. This newest version of software should be more or less invisible to all you readers, but it has all sorts of cool tools built into the background to make bringing you cool content all that much easier. The new package will make video loading easier and offer in house galleries rather than relying on outside sources like Flickr.

So if you see some functionality problems over the coming days, have no fear.

Fashion Blogger Wanted


Blair Valley Media is growing and we need someone to join our upcoming fashion blog. Why am I looking here in The Garage? Well, while I don’t expect to find many fashion writers here I’ll bet that some of our readers have spouses, siblings or girlfriends who might be interested.

If you know someone who loves fashion and loves to share their opinions, have them drop us a line at join at blairvalleymedia.com