2nd Annual Willowdale Subaru Show & Shine

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Despite Mother Nature’s best attempts to drown us yesterday, we still managed to have a great time at the 2nd Annual Show & Shine at Willowdale Subaru. The skies opened right about the time show cars were scheduled to arrive, so the turnout was a little lighter than we had hoped. Those who braved the elements had some good times swapping stories and checking out each others rides. We always make sure everyone eats well and this year the food folks outdid themselves. We had Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Jamaican and Hungarian food and you can’t forget the pizza! There was an incredible array of food. Our DJ braved the weather and kept the tunes pumping through the monsoon. The good folks from M.A.D.D. brought by a pair of the always popular beer goggles, while CrimeStoppers was on hand to keep things on the up and up.

We’ve got a gallery of photos from the show after the break, including some of the newly released 2010 Subaru Legacy and Outback.
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2nd Annual Willowdale Subaru Show & Shine

2009 Subaru Web Poster 600

Usually we’re out visiting other people’s events, but this weekend we’re hosting the 2nd annual Willowdale Subaru Show and Shine with the Toronto Subaru Club.

Last year’s event saw close to forty Subaru models from stock to full on rally cars. This year we hope to see even more club member’s cars along with a JDM market Subaru Sambar and a couple of other older JDM cars. We also have the 2010 Subaru Legacy and Outback on hand.

Of course food is always a bit part of life here at Willowdale Subaru and this year’s show will be no different. Rather than the typical BBQ, we’ll have a huge assortment of foods from around the world.

Just like last year, there will be a DJ and prizes.

If you are in Toronto this Sunday, be sure to drop by for a visit!

First Annual Willowdale Subaru Show

While our man on the West Coast, Gary Faules was cavorting at the Monterey Historics this weekend, here in Ontario The Garage was deep in car show land. We helped organize the first annual Subaru show at Willowdale Subaru along with the folks from the Toronto Subaru Club.

With the freaky weather we’ve been having in the GTA this summer, we were lucky to have a bright, sunny day with the exception of a few sprinkles in the afternoon. The sun was more than welcome in the park like setting that we enjoyed courtesy of Toronto Hydro. Not only did the grass and shade trees to keep things cool, but don’t black cars look better in the shade?

The sporting side of the Subaru community was well represented with all manner of street tuned cars and a couple of special guests. Planet Motorsport graciously sent over a couple of full on rally cars to show what the truly hard core enthusiasts have to offer. The 95 Subaru Impreza of Mark Williams is quite a special car, with a very unique history that will be the subject of an upcoming post. It was joined by the Impreza 2.5RS campaigned by MaNick Rally.

With a DJ pumping out tunes, great food, great cars and an enthusiastic crowd. We had all the makings of a great day. Here at Willowdale Subaru, we couldn’t be happier with how the day went and can’t wait until next year’s event.

After the break, we have a huge gallery of the day’s fun.
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The Garage is hosting a Subaru show this weekend

Considering the meltdown we had here in The Garage yesterday, some of you may wonder why things have been so quiet around here. Well, beyond some good old fashioned vacation time, I’ve been deep in organizational mode for our show this weekend.

Willowdale Subaru and the Toronto Subaru Club are hosting their first annual joint show this Sunday. Tuner Subies and the odd rally car or two are just the beginning. There will be a DJ and I’m told that there will be wandering hotties too.

Oh yes, and somehow we’re having a visit from a V8 powered Volvo drift car!

If you are in the Toronto area on Sunday, be sure to drop by for a visit. If not, you know I’ll have photos up in the afternoon.