Tripping to Chi Town


So here I sit in the Marriott in Chicago, writing instead of frolicking in the pool. Of course if you’ve seen me, you’ll understand why the hotel may not exactly want me in their pool. Something about the water bill to refill it!

Ok, so full disclosure. I’m here on Turtle Wax’s dime as web based auto writers converge on their head office to solve the mysteries of car wax. Believe it or not, today was my first ever flight on a propeller driven aircraft, a Bombardier Q400. While not exactly a quiet flight, I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable flights I’ve ever had. Absolutely wicked thrust comes out of those twin engines. When the pilot opened the throttle, it slams you back in the seats it accelerates so hard. Very cool. Of course the in flight snack was pretty sweet too!

Check back tomorrow when we’ll bring you more from Turtle Wax.

Check out my in flight meal after the break
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The Garage is visiting Turtle Wax: got any questions?


This week I’ll be attending a “Blogger’s Summit” in Chicago being hosted by Turtle Wax. The actual purpose of the event hasn’t really been disclosed, so I’m not exactly sure what to expect. Sure, we’ll get a tour of their facility and some product demos but what their end goal is is anyone’s guess. The day wraps up with a round table Q & A, so I suppose they are looking for a bit of external input from us webbies & our readers. There are a few heavy hitters who are known for their acidity coming to the event, so it should be an interesting chat.

Notice that I mentioned readers up above. Turtle Wax has asked for some input from our readers, so here I am looking for your comments, questions, concerns or praises. What do you think of Turtle Wax? Don’t be shy with them, I’ll report back on the answers to your questions when I get back to T-dot from the windy city.