NASCAR – Keselowski Takes the Nationwide Title. Hamlin Wins and Takes the Points Lead in Sprint Cup

This weekend was quite eventful as the face of the chase changed unexpectedly and a new face appears on the Nationwide side of the NASCAR schedule.

Brad Keselowski brought home the Nationwide cup this weekend with a third place finish at Texas. This is a first time championship at this level for Keselowski as well as for his team owner Roger Penske here in NASCAR. Although Penske has won titles in Indy Car and other racing series this is the first NASCAR title that has been brought into his stables. Keselowski was all smiles as he quipped to the media about how hard it is to find a gift for his boss. “It’s hard to give a billionaire something,” cracked Keselowski, who hails from Michigan just like his boss. “What do you get this guy? Here’s a trophy. It’s pretty cool.”

So what did the boss have to say about the championship win? “At the end of the day, when you think about being in the Winner’s Circle at Indy and winning that championship, this is right up there with it,” Penske said as Keselowski’s team posed for photos with the Nationwide trophy “… We’ve been in NASCAR a long, long time, and to win a championship, it’s tough. I’ve sat in New York so any times and seen Hendrick and those boys sit up on the stage. I guess this is the first step. To me, it’s like winning the first Indy 500, I’d have to say.” [Read more…]