First Pic Mercedes CL 63 AMG


While there isn’t many details about the car yet, the first images of the new CL 63 AMG have arrived. Different rims and a few small detail changes are the subtle differences between this and the “regular” CL AMG.

source emercedesbenz via eurocarblog

Land Rover Freelander 2


The 2007 Freelander 2 is starting to show up around the net, with more details and more pics arriving daily. Overall dimensions have increased substantially, with the width increasing by a whopping 101 mm. While The Garage loved the look of the old Freelander, it was just too narrow for a family of five, so this extra size will be interesting.

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2007 Land Rover Freelander Photos

freelander pic.jpg

There have been a few spy pics of the 2007 Land Rover Freelander floating around the net lately, but now we have an actual image of the new model thanks to who have found this leaked brochure copy.
While it was rumoured that the truck was going to debut at Detroit this year, but didn’t surface at the show. Now it is believed that the Freelander will first be seen at the British Motor Show in July.