Frank Sprongl makes the world a smokier place with the Uber Quattro

Unfortunately, not many of today’s rally enthusiasts have been exposed to the awesomeness that is an early Eighties Group B type Audi Quattro. Certainly not a common sight in Newfoundland!

Fortunately for us at home and even more so for spectators on The Rock, Frank Sprongl brought his old monster out of the barn for this year’s Targa Newfoundland. Not content to shock onlookers with glowing brake discs and bursts of flame from the exhaust, the many time Canadian Rally Champion finished up the event by turning a poor, unsuspecting, autocross into a most delightful display of tire melting hoonage.

Crank up the speakers and put on the virtual ventilation device!

As usual, our incredible Targa content is courtesy of the folks at Flat Over Crest