Video: Felipe Massa pulling pranks in a Shell station

Shell has been pretty creative with their advertising over the past little while and in their newest they are having a bit of fun with Ferrari F1 star Felipe Massa. In this clip, Massa is hidden in a Shell station and gets some sun responses from the patrons:

Hooked on Driving Sample Video #3

Things are incredibly busy here in The Garage today, so it’s a good time for a video. Oh and what a video. Shell’s upcoming Hooked on Driving DVD is looking like it may be one of the best driver training aids ever produced. Sample clip #3 covers one of the questions most often asked by aspiring drivers, How do I heel & toe and why?

Hooked on Driving Sample Clip #2

This next clip is just great. The production team has managed to cram a pretty comprehensive introductory lapping lesson into a 4 minute clip. Listen carefully class, as this is the cheapest driving school you’ll ever attend!

Once you’re addicted to this dvd, you can visit the Hooked on Driving site to see pictures, find schedules and join the community.

Shell leads the way to lapping days


As anyone who’s been involved in motorsports will tell you, the most common question that you are asked is “How can I get involved?” Shell has taken some initiative to become a leader in grassroots motorsports with the production of the Hooked on Driving dvd.

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How and F1 Car Works


Sometimes corporations surprise me. Often, a lot of the stuff that sponsors supply to race fans can be pretty lame. This time though, the folks from Shell have hit the nail on  the head. Shell Motorsports is offering a booklet called How An F1 Car Works. When I ordered it, I half expected a lame pamphlet with a few pictures and some childish writing. What arrived in the mail this week was a slick little magazine, with tons of informative info and some great pictures. This one will please the adults and the kids.

Be sure to visit Shell Motorsports and order yours asap, before they run out. This one’s a keeper.