Track test: 2008 Ford Shelby GT500

Heard around the IMPA test days paddock:
The GT500 is too fast, it shouldn’t be here.
That thing is a beast, somebody’s going to hurt themselves in it.
What a handful.

I must admit that it was a little bit strange that the car was there by itself, without a handler. You see, there were 3 cars with true supercar performance in attendance at Pocono Raceway that day. The Viper GTS and the 911 Turbo Cab both had driving instructors firmly planted in the right seat, keeping auto hacks from balling them up. The 500 horsepower Shelby was just handed over to us journo types without a word. You’ve gotta remember that being able to write about cars doesn’t mean that you’ve had any training in how to drive them fast, and 500 hp can make an awful lot of fast.

With those words in mind, I did up my seatbelt, tucked my hat in my backpack and trundled up pit lane, with more than a few butterflies. When the horse and I were waved out onto the track, I peddled slowly and carefully out to the first turn, not wanting to mess up the very pretty steed. Who am I kidding? I hammered that puppy like an old mule! Oh yeah! Man, is this thing fast!
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