The Word on Chrysler’s Viability Plan

Forgive the lag in reporting Chrysler’s Viability Plan after GM’s. While GM’s plan didn’t shock anyone, it was interesting to speculate how the changes will fan out. In comparison, what Chrysler had to say for themselves was about as exciting as watching C-Span. 

That may be an unfair comparison, since GM has so much more to shed than Chrysler. The company claims it has already dropped four model lines, with three more to come-no word on which models, but The Garage already announced the PT Cruiser was on the way out. 

In a company sorely lacking in small, desirable, fuel efficient vehicles, the strategic alliance with Fiat will provide a quick fix. No outline was provided on what Fiat models would be coming and when, but in the Plan, Chrysler announced there would be 24 new launches over the next 48 months, so you better believe a lot of those will be Fiats. 
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How to Rescue GM

Or how GM wants to save themselves. There has been intense media coverage on the Big Three, with their $25 billion, then $34 billion request for funds. Mistakes were made. Lesson 1-you do not fly to DC in your private corporate jet to beg for the taxpayers to dig you out of the ditch you dug for yourself. Especially when all those taxpayers drive Camry’s and Accord’s. Lesson 2-you do not tell Congress that as CEO, you refuse to accept a pay cut to save the corporation you are in charge of running, or ruining. 

The good news is, the CEO’s came back to DC driving hybrids, and will work for one dollar. No one is in greater danger than GM, as they are asking for the most money to stay alive. Here is what we know:

GM has identified four core brands-Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac. Does that shock you? It should. Let’s visit each of the General’s brands.


Far and away the most crucial brand to GM. Forget the Camaro-all eyes are on the Volt plug-in hybrid. Chevy also needs to keep the Malibu fresh to remain a contender. The new Cruze, scheduled to replace the Cobalt, also looks promising. Stay tuned.
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