A towing tale…

Early Summer, 1965.

Citation Motors, Bathurst at Vaughn Road. Owner, Barry Rosenberg decides to convoy to Le Circuit for a regional event (can’t remember the organizing club in Quebec).

Barry loads up his Ginetta Mk whatever sports car… well maybe not Barry but his enthusiastic workers! Tow car is a ’56 Ford four-door with a relatively solid trailer. I load my Mini (“sponsored” by Citation Motors) onto a trailer (and yes, I load it!) and hook up to an Edsel of questionable vintage. Both the Ford and Edsel were lumps sitting on Citation’s used car lot.

Off we go. Hugh Brown, John Dobbins and other assorted helpers spread out over the two tow vehicles.

All was going just fine until we decided by using frantic hand signals to pull off into the Newcastle highway restaurant/rest stop for whatever. Ford with Ginetta leading and the Edsel following closely. As soon as I see the Ford’s brakelights I apply pressure to the Edsel’s brake pedal only to have it go straight to the floor! No amount of headlight flashing convinced the Ford to speed up and get out of the way.
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