The Danica Enigma

Danica Patrick is probably the best known driver in the IndyCar Series to the general public and possibly even to the casual fan. Her PR machine together with her various semi risque photo shoots and Go-Daddy ads have made her face known to thousands of people. She almost certainly is the highest earner in IndyCar with an income up there with many regular NASCAR drivers. This from a driver who has only managed one win in her entire car racing career and that one was a result of good pit work and strategy plus Helio Castroneves running almost out of fuel. She never won on her way up through the minor leagues.

During her IndyCar career, until this year, she has been a high mid field runner most of the time, especially on the ovals.There have been several good results usually due to good strategy. She has always struggled to some extent on the road courses despite coming up through road racing rather than ovals. Her attitude has earned her several less than complimentary nicknames among serious fans. The most common are ‘The Princess’, ‘Stompin Danica’ and with her very poor showings in the Nationwide series ‘Princess Lapped a Lot’. Many people who follow racing closely are also joking about her constant ‘you know like’, ‘uh’ and during races ‘its loooose’!
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