Scott Hargrove wins exciting first race in Toronto


After a great qualifying run earlier this morning, Scott Hargrove drove the #69 Open Road Porsche to a victory in today’s action packed Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge race in Toronto. In fact, Hargrove had some challenges of his own along the way.

The green flag dropped under the threat of rain, and the track got gradually more slick as the race went on. Rival Chris Green led the first part of the race, before spinning, which allowed Hargrove to take over the lead. All was not smooth sailing, as the Open Road machine spun in turn 9 around the mid point of the race, allowing Spencer Pigot to take over the first spot.
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2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet: Vicious Elegance


I may have grown up around one of the earliest 911s in existence, but the first time I got behind the wheel of a Porsche, any Porsche, was when I was 19. It was a sinister black 1985 911 Turbo that was less than a year old. This was the car that struck fear into the hearts of Buick Grand National owners. One of the first cars to touch the 4 second zero to sixty. It was black on black, with the requisite fat fenders and whale tail. Every bit as extravagant as the decade it was born into.

That black beast spent a weekend with a buddy and I, a debauched weekend filled with sex, drugs, booze and stop light battles. It was the first time that I had seen the high side of 160 MPH. A chance meeting with an equally sinister looking black Buick on an empty street in Hamilton on Sunday morning gave me the opportunity to see if Zuffenhausen’s weapon could slay the quickest America had to offer. The Porker did not let me down.

It was not until the drive home that I learned that the borrowed car was not exactly borrowed, rather it had been liberated for the weekend. I shudder to think how different my life would be if I had been pulled over at nearly triple the double nickle in the unlawfully obtained turbo. Needless to say, that machine solidified the Porsche brand’s mystique in my young brain.
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Wheels up in 5!


The latest episode of driver/car feature videos from VARAC focuses on my good friend Emily Atkins and her brother Andrew as they share stories about how they got involved in racing. The partners in Big Brother Little Sister Racing also talk about their machines, a wicked Mustang and a classic Porsche 911.

The highlight for me is the recreation of the classic 911 racing pose, with one front wheel in the air as Emily attacks Mosport’s iconic turn 5.

Vintage racer profile: Gary Allen and his Porsche 911SC


In some enthusiasts minds, mine included, vintage auto racing is the best form of motorsport. The people involved are laid back and are there to enjoy themselves. The cars are special, but not always in the way one might think. Sure, there are often multi-million dollar, irreplaceable machines, but many are every day cars that are prepared for racing the way they would have been “back in the day”. The focus is on fun and keeping the old cars alive and giving car geeks a chance to see the old machines in action.

The folks at the Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada are working to expand the fan base for the sport by exposing internet users to the action in the form of racer profiles. The first episode from the series features Gary Allen and his lovely 1982 Porsche 911 SC. Allen competes in the popular G70+ class which provides a place for cars from the 70′s and 80′s to race and the grids tend to be more than a little bit exciting.

Incredible history in motion at The Mitty


There are lots of things in life to make one feel old. Most of these things really don’t bother me all that much, because I still feel (and sometimes behave) like a teenager. Hell, sometimes my teenagers behave older than I do. The one thing that does make me feel old is when I see cars from the Eighties or worse, the Nineties, included in vintage racing events. Hell, these are cars I cheered for or even crewed for. There is no way they could possibly be considered vintage! Then again, maybe I am old.

The folks at Gunnar Racing have put together some visuals of some of their incredible cars in action at The Mitty last weekend. The event is held at Road Atlanta by our friends at Classic Motorsports and has become an annual highlight of the vintage racing community’s calendar.

The big shooter in Gunnar’s paddock, for me anyway, is the Lowenbrau liveried Porsche 962 that was originally campaigned in IMSA in 1984. I remember the car well, but what makes me feel old is that I was much more excited by the factory Rothman’s sponsored 956s that came before it. I still can’t bear to think of these monsters as vintage racers, but it is great that there are people out there who have the resources and inclination to keep history like this alive for younger generations to experience.

It was only a matter of time: pics of first crashed Porsche Macan hit the web


I know how much some of our readers love seeing busted up sports and exotic cars, so I thought this one from Poland might be worth sharing.

This is purported to be the first crash of a new Porsche Macan, the company’s sporty crossover vehicle. It seems that this unfortunate porker in Radomierz, Poland was involved in a head on collision with an Audi A4, which caused the Porsche to flip and hit a tree. Polish news reports that the A4 was being driven by a 19 year old male while a 53 year old male was driving the Porsche with a 63 year old male passenger. All three men have been taken to hospital, and there are no reports yet on their condition.

Potential injuries aside, I would have to say that the cabin structure of the Macan performed quite admirably.

Nows Source: kontact24 with files from Wrecked Exotics

New in The Garage: 1985 Porsche 944


I have finally done it. I have finally become a Porsche owner.

Muscle car prices have been on the rise for a couple of decades, because they are the cars the Boomers dreamed of in high school. Porsche 911 prices have shot up in recent years as rich guys my age who had that 911 Turbo posters on the wall, while other guys lusted after that Lambo door stop. Even though I grew up around a 901 and have always wanted a 911, it was the 944 that stole my heart back then. Today, my kid accompanied me on a short road trip to buy one.

There was something about the 944, with its body styling stolen from the German 924 Turbo race cars I had seen in the magazines that I fell in love with. The muscular stance was intoxicating. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a rabid front engine Porsche fanatic or anything, but to this day I have a soft spot for the car.


I wasn’t really on a hunt for a Porsche. I am just fed up with seeing so many of my American and West Coast auto journo friends having cool old cars that they can drive all year round if they so choose. I have been looking for a cheap old car from the south that I could bring home. My Wife and Daughter could drive it for a few months and then I could flip it for a profit. Say a nice old Beetle or something. We can drive nice old cars here from about April until October, so why not.
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Watch a GT3 driver crash at the Nurburgring

gt3 crash

I had a conversation with the organizer of an upcoming motosport series yesterday who commented that they have had one time visits from Porsche drivers who don’t stick around because they don’t like being humiliated by guys in Honda Civics. Today’s first video is kinda like that.

This morning, Bill Caswell from BUILD RACE PARTY posted a video from the infamous Nurburgring, where a Porsche 911 GT3 driver got a taste of why Sir Jackie called the place The Green Hell.

Caswell is in the black forest preparing for his first ever race at the ‘Ring, this weekend. The driver, who you may recognize as the guy who took a Craigslist BMW, converted it to a rally car and competed in the WRC Mexico a few years ago. Caswell has enlisted the help of Robb Holland, an American who races in the BTCC in an Audi S3, to help bring him up to speed. While touring the track in a Ford Focus RS, Holland catches up with a GT3 which is clearly being over driven. It isn’t too long before we see the Porsche driver put two wheels off and then a few corners later he stuffs it into the Armco. What is really cool is that Holland calls the off well before it happens!
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/MOMO SlowMo from Sebring


Just because race organizers didn’t have their crap together at Sebring doesn’t mean that the event was devoid of great content. Quite the opposite, as my buddies at /DRIVE were on hand shooting their unique style of awesomeness for those of us who weren’t able to attend.

There are fewer things cooler than super high frame rate video of racing cars at full chat, showed right down so the viewer can see the the tires and suspension moving and body panels flexing. This is the second installment of /DRIVE’s newest feature: MOMO SlowMo.

Porsche GTS web spots by Toronto filmmaker


Warwick Patterson of Formula Photographic isn’t the only Canadian filmmaker making his presence known in the international automotive scene these days. Toronto based Tamir Moscovici of Spy Films is the guy behind Sony’s new web flick about the man behind the ultra popular Grand Tourismo series of games for Playstation.
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