V like Vintage: An amazing collection of photos taken before 1970


Regular readers know that I’m a sucker for great photography, even more so when it captures great moments in automotive history. While catching up on friend of The Garage, Philip Powell over at Classical Drives I was beyond excited to find his review of V like Vintage. This wonderful site is a social network for photography buffs much like Flickr but with a difference. The site is open to photos taken before 1970 and the focus seems to be on things that move us like planes, boats, cars and of course you can’t forget about the vintage Pin Up girls.

Rather than just showing the old pro images that we’ve all seen before, the work of amateurs is strongly encouraged, meaning that we get to see photos through the eyes of regular people. At this point, there is a strong presence of German history, from family portraits to the Nurburgring. There are shots taken from a German Mineboat and incredible sidecar racing images. Watch the new photos page and you’ll see the images from around the world are rapidly appearing.

V like Vintage might be destined to become one of the most historically significant social networks on the web.

The photo above of Graham Hill was taken at Zandvoort in 1970 and was taken by Werner Horn.