More Irish Rally gone bad – Definitely NSFW or anywhere else for that matter!

A while back we posted one of the funniest videos ever, of an Irish rally crew losing their minds. While funny, that one pales in comparison to today’s offering.

Laddies Pat Horan and Pat Baker are really hustling along in their “vintage” 1600 cc Vauxhall Nova when they get caught behind a Group N WRX! The ^%$&^% dirty &(*^(^ wanker finally brake tests the boys in the Nova. What a &*^(&*^!!!

Put on the headphones for this one, or make sure there are absolutely NO kids or co-workers around for this one. If your wife/girlfriend/mom/you are the sensitive type, then you might want to make sure they don’t hear it either! Otherwise, it really is funny!

Source: Youtube via Autoblog

ps – A bit of googling shows that Horan also rallies a wicked looking Fiat 131. Very cool!