Subaru enlists Tommi Makinen to wring STI’s neck at The Green Hell

They are calling it the The Fastest WRX STI Ever. Subaru brought 4 time World Rally champion Tommi Makinen to the Nurburgring in a effort to show how much they’ve improved the breed in the past 10 years.

Political correctness aside, you just know they were gunning for a production car record.

While they’ve fallen 33 seconds short of the current Viper record and 29 seconds short of Corvette and GT-R, the 7:55 time that Makinen set is actually in line with a Caterham R500 Superlight and a Ferrari F430. That is some pretty darned impressive company, especially when you consider the difference between something race bred like the Caterham and a 4 door sedan.
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