Video: 2008 Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb highlights

Over the past week, The Garage regular Gary Faules has been keeping on top of all the La Carrera Panamericana competitors who went up the hill at Pikes Peak. As I’ve been dealing with some technical issues at my end, I haven’t kept up to date myself. Now that my Laptop is functioning properly again, I’m going crazy with all the incredible video that is cropping up.

Youtube user allterrainvideo has put together a great highlight video, shot from a variety of different spots on the mountain. A few things caught my interest. First off, once you get up near the top, it’s really windy up there. Spectators are completely crazy, standing right along the edge of the road. There is next to no margin for error, if you make a mistake, the edge is really close. There are some incredible sounding machines hammering their way up the hill, and then there is Monster Tajima’s ride. That just has to be the coolest race car ever built!

Be sure to crank this one up really loud.

Video: Monster Tajima tackles Pikes Peak


Once again, Nobuhiro Tajima has come out on to on the race up Pikes Peak. This year, he screamed up the mountain at a record pace of 10 minutes, 1.408 seconds in his 2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7 otherwise known as Escudo. To put things into perspective, the course is 12.42 miles of climb, with no less than 156 turns! Youtube user lozo78 has posted the following video, I’m sure there will be many more to follow.

Close the office door, crank up the speakers and hold onto your hat!
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