John Cooper Works Mini: A Crash Course

A while back, we had some fun with the JCW Mini at Pocono Raceway. This week, we have some video from our old buddy Crash Corrigan who has a slightly more traditional video review of the hopped up Mini. The video is more traditional, though I’m not so sure about the written review. How often does an automotive review contain something like this:
“when I held onto my aunt by her legs, my face was not smothered by yards of flowing fabric, because her skirt was situated substantially higher than my head”

I always knew that Crash was different from the other kids. Now I have an idea why!

Check out the the great video review after the break and then head over to CarKeys to get a full hit of the full monty.

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John Cooper Works Mini Cooper S: No way to Curb OUR Enthusiasm

When BMW introduced their vision of the modern Mini way back in 2000, enthusiasts and more mainstream consumers swooned at the sight of the little box. Larger than the original due to modern safety needs, many purists were concerned that the essence of the original car would be missing. Would the new Mini be a driver’s car. They needn’t have worried.

I was somewhat embarrassed to say that I didn’t have the opportunity to drive a Cooper S until last year at the IMPA’s Test Days at Pocono Raceway. To say that I was smitten by the exit of the first turn wouldn’t be an understatement. Fast forward to 2008 and we are again at Pocono, this time with camera in tow and driving a Cooper S with the JCW package.

What can I say? Scott has put together yet another killer video and I have no control over my enthusiasm!

Video after the break
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