Mike Strong bio

It could be argued it was fate that I would lead me to write about the automotive industry: my first word was Volkswagen…at least that’s what my mother claims. Dad claims it was “automobile,” but you see the general direction my life was headed in at an early age.

Like most people who grow up in and around Detroit, my parents worked in the auto industry. My dad retired from Ford after 33 years and my grandfather spent 20 years with the Blue Oval. I’ve written about the auto industry for nearly 15 years. I’ve covered everything from monthly sales figures to auto shows around the world to asking celebrities what kind of cars they like.

I’ve done all that for newspapers, magazines, web site and I’ve even help author a book about the history of General Motors.

I find the business of the auto industry to be fascinating mix of politics, business and art. Few things in this world capture and hold the attention of folks as much as the auto industry and I’m glad to have a window to watch how the industry is changing.