Video: Darth Viper vs the 240Z from hell

Ahmad Khodkar’s blue Datsun 240Z is somewhat legendary in Ontario. This is the car that took on the IMSA GT-U field at Mosport back in 1992 and beat the factory Nissan’s of Butch Leitzinger and friends, not to mention a bunch of other modern race cars. In it’s current state, it is powered by a Buick Grand National engine and is very, very fast.

In the following video, we see Nick Majors, aka Darth Viper chasing Ahmad around Mosport in the Viper GTS coupe.

An interesting quote from the CASA message board from Malcolm Strachan about Ahmad, in a thread titled: What I learned road racing this year…

-That you can be 70 years old and still push a car really hard and turn 1:25’s (Ahmad Khodkar = new hero).

And now, let’s just watch… Wait to see the crafty old guy close the door in corner 3. Classic Mosport move.