Lucky Fiesta ST driver at The Ring somehow avoids massive crash


Yesterday we saw a perfect example of what happens when the driver of a front wheel drive machine lifts off the throttle mid corner, panics and drills the brakes. Today, we have another public lapping participant at the Nurburgring who with a bit of patience and a lot of luck, manages not to hit anything with his precious Ford Fiesta ST after running a bit wide at the exit of a previous turn.
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Lucky nominated for 2 awards

Long time readers will recall that contributors to The Garage Gary Faules and Jon Emerson competed in the 2007 La Carrera Panamerica in a Shelby GT350R named Lucky. That trip to Mexico was filmed for a documentary called Rebirth of a Legend which not only records the race but also the rich history of the event.

That video has been nominated for Best Sports Documentary and a technical achievement award for Best Cinematography – Documentary at the Action On Film International Film Festival later this month.

The film can be purchased through Gary’s blog and is certain to become a favorite in the library of any gearhead!

Lucky goes for the podium

When we posted the first in car video of Gary Faules piloting Lucky at the 2007 La Carrera, a few readers had a hard time grasping the speed of the event. For this next video we’ve decided to skip right to the final day of competition, where Gary gives Lucky the GT350 all he’s got in an effort to ensure a podium finish. Even 150 MPH doesn’t look all that fast, but listen to the revs and realize that flat in 4th with 500 plus horsepower is mighty fast!

Very cool video after the break.
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Two wheeling into the west coast offices of The Garage


When I heard that my Dad, had sold his big BMW bike and was heading from BC to California to pick up a new used bike, I went straight to google maps to see where San Luis Obispo was. It would appear that the ride home would send the man on the big red machine dangerously close to Mountain View, home of Team California’s Best. Not only was I certain that Bud and Gary Faules would hit it off, but it made sense to have a pit stop in case everything was not in order with the bike.

Says Bud: “I bought a Honda, not a Harley”

Yes, he owned one recently so he says that with experience. I think the oil stains are still on the garage floor!

As I suspected, the two spent the afternoon sharing lies stories about life and racing. Bud finally left heading north armed with a route Gary laid out that sent him across the Golden Gate Bridge, through the California Redwoods and up the twisting coastal roads of California, Oregon and Washington. He would even pass through Gary’s home town.

After the break is a gallery of shots of the guys, Bud’s new Honda Pacific Coast 800, Lucky and a pretty neat cast of background machinery too. Next time we’ll get Gary’s guys to clean the shop camera’s lense! When Bud gets back to BC I’m sure there will be lots to tell about his ride back.
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My Plans To Get High While Racing

And hey, I’m talking really high… 14,110 feet to be exact. As a matter of fact I have already begun training for it. Last week when Gary was here visiting Aaron and I took him for a quick spin around San Francisco. It was while I was stopped so Gary could snap off some photos in the middle of the very steep Lombard Street better known as the crookedest street in the world that I began thinking, “Hmmm, I haven’t done Pikes Peak yet.”


The world famous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb had not run vintage race cars in many years until last year and even though I was invited sadly I was unable to attend. This year that is not the case. It was simple… There is Pikes Peak, the ultimate hill climb that I have spent a lifetime of watching drivers race up to the clouds. Some of my fondest memories of my father include him and myself glued to a TV set watching as some of the biggest names in racing gave it their all.


Racing in the La Carrera Panamericana is one of the toughest races in the world for a driver but even harder for an engine builder and engine when you consider the amount of horsepower lost at the altitudes found there. But when it comes to altitude La Carrera Panamericana simply has to be considered child’s play when compared to Pikes Peak considering it starts out at 9,390 feet and then rises up to 14,110 feet. The good news is, the course is only 12.42 miles long. The bad news is it has 156 hairpin turns, 6 miles of which are paved and the rest are gravel. Last years event was blessed by beautiful summer weather but it is not at all unheard of to start out in 85 degree temps and on the way up to run into rain, fog or snow. To make it just a little more interesting the grade of the road is 10.5 percent.
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Video trailer: La Carrera Panamericana, Rebirth of a Legend

As long time readers will recall, regular contributor to The Garage, Gary Faules, spent the better part of a year resurrecting a rusted Ford Mustang into a mighty GT350R. The car’s name is Lucky and it was built with one goal in mind: to tackle the La Carrera Panamericana. The whole process, from build to the actual race was captured on film. Well, film so to speak. Raally, the whole process was filmed in Hi Definition to create perhaps the most comprehensive La Carrera documentary ever seen.

For those who don’t know, the La Carrera Panamericana has a history dating back to 1950 and is still considered one of the most dangerous, grueling road races. The event is sponsored by the Mexican government and pits 100 of the worlds’ best against over 2000 miles of winding tarmac. Teams race from the southern most border of Mexico, back up to the US border in just 7 days. Our hero Lucky, finished 3rd in class on his first time out and even garnered a win on the famous Mil Cumbres stage which has claimed more than it’s share of vintage rally machines. The video cameras were there for the whole trip.

Months of editing have taken place and the story of Lucky’s rebirth, along with a healthy dose off La Carrera history are just about ready for the public to see. For now, check out the trailer after the break.
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The Garage visits 2008 Monterey Historics

While the Canadian office of The Garage was moving Scooby Doo’s automotive cousins around Toronto, the guys on the west coast were scoping out the 2008 Monterey Historics.

Gary Faules and Jon Emerson hopped aboard Lucky the GT-350 to visit the La Carrera Panamericana gathering at the annual event. They gave us so many cool photos I had a heck of a time deciding what to use as a lead in photo. The Bugatti just seemed too modern. While the Ferrari’s are undeniably sensual, how could I use a Prancing Horse, when there is a perfectly fitting Shelby in the house?

To get the full details of the guys trip, you’ll have to head on over to Gary’s blog where you’ll also find a ton of other great pictures. Gary took so many photos that he had to share some with our readers too and you’ll find them after the break.
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It was only a matter of time


The Garage is a magical place that has connected many people in both the virtual and real worlds. Two farmboys, one from Nebraska and the other from Oregon grew up decades apart, yet both moved to California in search of the automotive utopia. One built a life surrounded by road racing and road cars, while the other became immersed in the kool of rodding from an era long before his time. That kool shaped a career in design with two companies that have changed the course of modern culture.

Ahh…California Dreamin’ indeed!

How weird is it then that Gary Faules and Aaron Von Minden should meet in a garage, through a virtual garage based way up north in Canada?
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Video: La Carrera 2007 Movie Trailer

Here in The Garage, we’ve all been waiting for the debut of the La Carrera 2007 movie, following Gary Faules and Team California’s Best through the classic Mexican road race. Production has been taking longer than anticipated, but finally we can have a sneak peek at a trailer for it. When the full deal arrives, you can be sure we’ll let you know!

Lucky caught in a fish bowl


The folks over at the Unlimited Class Blog have been busy as hell uploading photos from La Carrera into their Flickr page. Their fisheye lens caught Lucky in action. If you look around, you might even find Gary Faules working his charms with a lovely lady!
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