Vintage Lotus fun at Mosport


What you see above is the 1962 Lotus Super Seven belonging to Jeremy Sale, just about at the apex of Mosport’s corner 10. This 1,500cc Ford powered Seven is an original car that has been racing for years. It lived with the Baker family for some time and was apparently bent up pretty well. It moved into the hands of Jeremy Hinchcliffe (father of Indy Lights driver James) who lovingly restored it. Due to their light weight, Sevens have always been pretty quick and this one is no slouch. Jeremy’s fastest lap at Mosport has been a 1:39.139 (quick for a 1,500cc anything) and it was a couple of seconds quicker with the young Hinch behind the wheel.

Check out a few laps of Mosport after the break. I’d be interested in knowing where the 911 driver was headed at times. Man, some really weird lines!
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Video: The Stig wrings the Caterham R500 mk2’s neck



Holy Terror

Whatever you call it, this bicycle fendered wonder that was the fruit of Colin Champan’s imagination may be one of the most individually tweakable designs of all time. The folks over at Project Splitwheel are working on tweaking that concept behind that idea further than most. Think lighter, faster, more pure and you have an idea where they are going. In the mean time, they are having fun with some existing 7 based concepts. Last Friday, they shared 5 of the fastest Sevens ever. Check out the Caterham R500 Mk2 as The Stig wrings the poor little monster’s neck and then visit their blog to check out some other frighteningly fast Sevens.