Lucky nominated for 2 awards

Long time readers will recall that contributors to The Garage Gary Faules and Jon Emerson competed in the 2007 La Carrera Panamerica in a Shelby GT350R named Lucky. That trip to Mexico was filmed for a documentary called Rebirth of a Legend which not only records the race but also the rich history of the event.

That video has been nominated for Best Sports Documentary and a technical achievement award for Best Cinematography – Documentary at the Action On Film International Film Festival later this month.

The film can be purchased through Gary’s blog and is certain to become a favorite in the library of any gearhead!

Sunday video: MOH Racing takes on Targa Tasmania

Our readers are no strangers to classic tarmac rallies, as we have covered Targa Newfoundland and Gary and the guys at Team CBR have taken us to La Carrera. The event that started it all (in modern times anyway) is the Targa Tasmania. Much like the Canadian and American events, TT now has classes for modern and classic cars.

The 2010 running of Targa Tasmania began last week and finishes up today. The good folks supporting MOH Racing contacted us earlier in the week, with an offer of some in car video. Who am I to say no to in car footage from an Evo IX rally car?
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Lucky goes for the podium

When we posted the first in car video of Gary Faules piloting Lucky at the 2007 La Carrera, a few readers had a hard time grasping the speed of the event. For this next video we’ve decided to skip right to the final day of competition, where Gary gives Lucky the GT350 all he’s got in an effort to ensure a podium finish. Even 150 MPH doesn’t look all that fast, but listen to the revs and realize that flat in 4th with 500 plus horsepower is mighty fast!

Very cool video after the break.
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In car video of Lucky the GT350R attacking Mil Cumbres

The La Carrera Panamericana open road rally is a throwback to an earlier time. With real cars running on real roads, the La Carrera route follows pretty much the same path that crews took back in the Fifties. Over the years, La Carrera has also gained a reputation for being one of the most challenging events on the annual calendar. The term challenging is often politely interchanged for the word dangerous. The most challenging of all the La Carrera stages is considered to be the Mil Cumbres stage, where many cars have been lost. Lives too.

Regular contributer here in The Garage, Gary Faules, took on La Carrera in 2007 and took the win on the Mil Cumbres stage. Now that the documentary movie about Gary’s trip to LCP has been released, he is free to share the in car footage they shot during the race. The first video we’re going to share is that historic run up Mil Cumbres with it’s roadside cliffs and even a burro taking in the spectacle.

Following the 2007 running of the La Carrera, the decision was made to remove the stage from the event. The video after the break may well be the last competitive event held on the road.
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Rebirth of a Legend – The Story of La Carrera Panamericana

We’ve been talking about this video here in The Garage for a long time now and finally it is here. Gary Faules and the rest of the guys on Team California’s Best have poured heart and soul into Rebirth of a Legend and if shows. This history of the legendary La Carrera Panamericana is full of rare vintage footage alongside stunning modern coverage shot in Hi Def.

Check out the incredible trailer below, but be sure to watch it in full screen mode. Then, you can order your own copy here.

Team CBR launches La Carrera movie today at Monterey Historics


After 4 years of hard work, finally Gary Faules and his team are ready to unveil La Carrera Panamericana Rebirth Of A Legend. This exciting flick follows the history of the La Carrera Panamericana and showcases Team California’s Best’s efforts at the famed event. With stunning footage, interviews with Herschel McGriff and a forward written by Bob Bondurant and C. Van Tune, the crowd in the La Carrera paddock at the Monterey Historics are certainly in for a treat!

Shame I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to see it when I’m in Cali for the 370Z roadster launch!

Hershel McGriff digs The Garage!

Hershel McGriff

Our man on the west coast, Gary Faules, has some pretty cool friends and he’s not afraid to introduce our readers to them. We’d like to give Hershal McGriff a hearty welcome to The Garage! Real race fans need no introduction to Hershel, but for those of you who may not recognize the man’s name, head on over to Gary’s blog to get the full rundown of Mr. McGriff’s racing resume. Suffice it to say that you would be hard pressed to find another man with more significant racing history, not to mention a hell of a lot of talent!

Welcome to The Garage Mr. McGriff! We are looking forward to watching you race soon and honored that you are carrying our colors!
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My Plans To Get High While Racing

And hey, I’m talking really high… 14,110 feet to be exact. As a matter of fact I have already begun training for it. Last week when Gary was here visiting Aaron and I took him for a quick spin around San Francisco. It was while I was stopped so Gary could snap off some photos in the middle of the very steep Lombard Street better known as the crookedest street in the world that I began thinking, “Hmmm, I haven’t done Pikes Peak yet.”


The world famous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb had not run vintage race cars in many years until last year and even though I was invited sadly I was unable to attend. This year that is not the case. It was simple… There is Pikes Peak, the ultimate hill climb that I have spent a lifetime of watching drivers race up to the clouds. Some of my fondest memories of my father include him and myself glued to a TV set watching as some of the biggest names in racing gave it their all.


Racing in the La Carrera Panamericana is one of the toughest races in the world for a driver but even harder for an engine builder and engine when you consider the amount of horsepower lost at the altitudes found there. But when it comes to altitude La Carrera Panamericana simply has to be considered child’s play when compared to Pikes Peak considering it starts out at 9,390 feet and then rises up to 14,110 feet. The good news is, the course is only 12.42 miles long. The bad news is it has 156 hairpin turns, 6 miles of which are paved and the rest are gravel. Last years event was blessed by beautiful summer weather but it is not at all unheard of to start out in 85 degree temps and on the way up to run into rain, fog or snow. To make it just a little more interesting the grade of the road is 10.5 percent.
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Big vs Little: A lesson from La Carrera

Sitting here at home with a heating pad on my chest instead of working, I’m finally having a chance to watch some of the content I’ve missed over the past weeks. Not only does Gary Faules contribute here in The Garage, but he also keeps tabs on the world of La Carrera (and other automotive fun) at his own blog. The following video from the 2008 running of La Carrera teaches a couple of lessons.

First off, I’ve heard lots of guys see pictures of the 50’s era cars and think they are just neat old cars with stripes and stickers. If you crank up your speakers really loud, you’ll understand quickly that Othon Garcia Silva’s Buick is a full on monster racing machine. Wow, does this thing sound wicked!

Next up, you’ll see a classic case of how a light weight, lower powered car can fend off a big horsepower competitor that also weighs far more. Marc Davis does an incredible job of keeping his Falcon ahead of the Buick in the twisty bits. When they reach the main straight at Autodromo De Queretaro though, the monster comes to life and takes what it wants!

La Carrera 2008: So many on the trailer

In the last day, it seems like the landscape at the 2008 running of La Carrera has changed dramatically. First off, the Home Team (so to speak) of Gerie Bledsoe and Coop have loaded the Chevy on the trailer with a blown engine. Not to despair completely though, as Coop has become Co-Piloto for Ron Lee’s Killer Kurtis and Gerie is apparently aboard the #422 Mercedes from Kansas. Presumably the original Co-Piloto’s are suffering from Montezuma’s Revenge.

While Coop has yet to confirm this, his latest batch of photos show the Kurtis being worked on feverishly in a back alley shop somewhere. I hope the devil hasn’t had her way with the super cool car.

Otherwise, there appears to have been some hard core carnage in the ranks. A couple of Volvos appear to have some bendage, while the stunning Sunbeam Tiger seems to have had a fairly substantial off. Fortunately there has been no word of any injuries.

For those of you on Stig Watch, rumour has it that he blew an engine and has changed said lump and is flying back through the field.

Somehow, I was unaware that our man Gary has been back in Cali for many days now. Still, he manages to have his thumb on what little news is coming out of Mexico and has heard a few more stories. Be sure to head on over and read a few.

As before, Coop has shared a bunch of images with us. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and Coop has a knack of capturing life at it’s best. After you oogle the gallery after the break, visit his Flickr page to see more of life in Mexico. Then, head over to Coopstuff and buy some stuff! Your purchase ensures that Coop can continue to afford to go on adventures like this and share the trip with all of us!
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