Monster World Rally is teasing us again

If you have some imagination, clear away some of the mud and you will see Ken Block’s Monster sponsored Ford Focus RS WRC. Even with the mud it looks pretty tough! The Monster folks have promised more photos next week.

Pastrana leads SnoDrift Rally while Block is on the trailer

With icier roads than anybody has seen in North American rallying, the 2010 edition was expected to provide surprises and excitement. If Day 1 was any indication, than the entire event will live up to expectations.

video after the break
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Top rally crews on how they deal with icy conditions

This year’s SnoDrift Rally has served up roads that look more like a hockey rink than a forest road. Couple that with the complete lack of snow in the ditches and you have some very challenging (not to mention dangerous) conditions. Rally America interviewers spoke with Antoine L’Estage, Nat Richard, Alex Gelsemino, Ken Block and others about their strategy for dealing with the ice.

Up close & personal with Ken Block’s Monster World Rally Team Ford Fiesta during tech inspection

Those of you who would rather see the dirty bits rather than just static photos and action video are going to love this video of Ken Block’s Monster Fiesta during tech inspection for the SnoDrift Rally. Great to see the old guy getting schooled on rally car prep by a lady!

Ken Block runs Ford Fiesta to flat in 6th on sheer ice

Lest ye think that Daytona is the only game in town this weekend, let me remind you that the SnoDrift Rally is also on tap. Fortunately for the rally community,much attention is being brought to this first big event of the season thanks to Ken Block and the Monster World Rally Ford Fiesta.

After the break we’ve got the first video of Block’s new steed in action.This footage was shot during yesterday’s shake down stage. The Michigan roads have lots of long straights, not to mention 4 legged obstacles. There are a few sections where Block is running flat in 6th for ages, with a top speed of 110 miles per hour. Don’t think that’s fast? Remember that this is on ice and then watch the bumper cam segments again. This is just crazy!
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Ken Block busts out Monster World Rally Team Fiesta photos and video

We’ve had a bunch of Ken Block coverage this week, as the Monster World Rally Team prepares for the Sno*Drift rally this weekend. The photos were supposed to appear tomorrow morning but prep shop Olsbergs dropped a shot yesterday on their website. A couple of hours ago Ken Block (more likely one of his minions) posted a couple of pics and a video of the shoot on his Facebook page.

While the Subaru faithful seem to disapprove, the general consensus seems to be that the car looks pretty hot. I think it looks wicked, I just hope it is still in one piece by Sunday afternoon. Block, by his own admission, needs to learn to stay on the road more often.

Another photo and video after the break.
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Ford’s live chat with Ken Block

Ken Block: I am really stoked about the Mexico WRC race. I enjoy those roads and it’s always a great experience going to that area. Plus, it’s my first race in a WRC car! I have been watching the TV program from 2008 to get ready…I am already starting to get a bit nervous about that one….

While we were at the Canadian Motorsports Expo on Friday, the folks at Ford were having a little sit down with Ken Block and some of the fans. Block was in Detroit to see his new rally car. Unfortunately we’re still going to have to wait to see the beast and on his Facebook page Ken says he’s been sworn to secrecy about the car. On the positive side, that we’ve got that live chat Ken had with the fans waiting for you after the break.
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Officially official: Ken Block teams up with Ford

Back in October, we reported the rumour that Ken Block was planning a new jump. This one would be even more exciting than Travis Pastrana’s New Year’s jump. Block would launch his WRX off Subaru’s ship & transform the black & white bomb into a Ford Fiesta and land on Ford’s ship!

An exciting concept, but we’re talking about Ken Block, not Chriss Angel. The real truth is still pretty cool though.

Ford’s quest for world domination is just as strong as Block’s, so the partnership makes sense. As of today, the rumour is now fact. Ken Block & sponsor Monster Energy are dropping Subaru like a hot potato and heading to the Ford camp. This move will see Block enter events around the world, including the WRC in time.

The marketing folks are spinning their magic to make all of these pieces fall into place. Now its up to Block to pull the rabbit out of the hat!

Press release after the break
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