Ken Block creates the Mother of all bikini girl passenger videos


Somehow I know that I am going to be thrashed upon by some of my female colleagues for sharing this one, but OMG!

Gymkhana morphs into Footkhana


Just when you think that action sports figure turned extreme driving icon Ken Block couldn’t possible do anything new with his fire breathing Ford Fiesta, he drops yet another Monster on you. See how I did that? This time, Gymkhana is Castrol Footkhana. Foot, as in footie or footy, or football. Whatever it is you people who like soccer call it. This time, Block gets into a bit of a match with Brazilian FIFA World Cup star Neymar Jr. & his gang of soccer freestylers.

Bringing gearheads and soccer fans together!

Global Rallycross carnage compilation by GoPro


If rallysport is the purest form of motorsport, then rallycross has to be the purest form of racing. It certainly is the most exciting, for fans and drivers alike. The sport isn’t new, having been active across the Atlantic for decades, where competitors battle it out of race tracks that are a combination of dirt and pavement. With the launch of the Global RallyCross Championship a couple of years ago though, the excitement was pushed to a whole new level.
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Think motorsport is expensive? Try making a movie about it!

Ok, so maybe making a movie isn’t quite as expensive as campaigning a top flight race or rally car, but the costs can easily eclipse those incurred by grass roots racers who’ve been known to fund their team by returning empties. Just ask Matt Johnston, who is making what might just be the first ever feature length movie about the U.S. National Rally Championship.

So far, Johnston has sunk ten grand of his own money into the project and anticipates that he will need close to $50,000 to complete the film. If these numbers aren’t high enough, remember that Johnston has done almost everything by himself and already owns much of the super expensive gear needed to shoot wickedly high quality video.
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Ride to 2nd at 100 Acre Wood with Mark Higgins

Block may have taken his sixth win at the woods that Christopher Robin played in, but reigning Rally America Champion Mark Higgins wasn’t going to let him win easily. Being second on the road however, Higgins had to content with the dust that was left hanging in the air as the Ford driver attacked the stages. Even with the addition of a “dust minute”, the Subaru America team still had a tough time seeing the road through the haze.

Check out Higgins in action after the break.
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Ken Block to test Formula 1 car!

Monster World Rally Team press release

JUNE 13, 2011, New York, New York – With an already busy mid-season schedule, Monster World Rally Team’s Ken Block has just added one more thing to his summertime to-do list: test in a Formula One car. The announcement was made with Block’s tire sponsor, Pirelli, prior to the start of the seventh stop of the 2011 Formula One calendar, the Grand Prix of Canada in Montreal. Slated to take place on August 5th in Monza, Italy, Block will find himself behind the wheel of Pirelli’s F1 test car as he works his way through a series of tires that Pirelli manufacturers for Formula One.

“Obviously I’m stoked about having this opportunity presented to me by Pirelli,” said Block. “Getting to go and test in a Formula One car isn’t something I ever imagined I’d have the chance to do, so when they contacted me with the offer to come over to Italy and drive their test car I didn’t even hesitate to say yes!”
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Gymkhana 3 viewed from the other cameras

Since attending Camp4, my appreciation for Ken Block’s car control skills has shot through the roof. Even though many drivers have never done a burnt out (and probably shouldn’t) it is something that pretty much anyone in any car can do in the right conditions. What Block does with a car is far beyond your average burnout! Doing a burnout and navigating a precision course with all 4 wheels constantly spinning requires accuracy, patience and skill. This guy is the Baryshnikov of the motorsport world!

In Gym3, Block uses an old world high bank super speedway to create a gigantic half pipe. Instead of riding a skateboard, he’s riding the beastly Focus you see above. In the video after the break, we get to see some of the other camera angles that the producers chose not to show in the original. Very cool stuff!
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Ken Block’s Gymkhana 3 Focus on display at NAIAS

Ok, so this may not be news of any sort from Detroit, but I thought it was pretty cool that the Ford Focus that Ken Block drove while filming Gymkhana 3 was on hand during NAIAS.

Call me a geek, but this thing is a monster!

Gallery after the break.
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Ken Block topping WRC popularity charts so far. Will Pastrana do the same in NASCAR?

Earlier this morning, the good folks at WRC posted a new poll on their site to determine which driver was the most popular personality. Here in The Garage, it comes as no surprise that Ken Block is not only on the list, but as of this writing he is sitting with 61% of the votes!
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Ken Block’s ultimate birthday cake

We don’t usually make a habit of celebrating birthdays here in The Garage, but super hoon Ken Block’s birthday cake is just too cool to pass up. Friends surprised Block with the edible Ford in Miami a few days ago. Will someone PLEASE make me a cake like this for my next b-day?