Wet track + stupid journo = bent Lexus

In case you missed it the original report from Los Jalops, an auto journalist ran out of talent while driving the Lexus IS-F you see above at Monticello Motor Club last week. Perhaps “ran out of talent” is not a fitting comment, as the Armco was impacted half a lap into this guy’s first (and last) lap of the day.

The incident happened during the track day portion of the International Motor Press Association’s annual Test Days event. Historically held at Pocono Raceway, IMPA moved the event to Monticello due to its proximity to The Big Apple, where many members reside.

In addition to Matt Hardigree’s rant in Jalopnik, Jack Baruth has added his comments over at The Truth About Cars. I agree wholeheartedly with both of them that the journo involved is a dink with no regard for his fellow scribes, nor for the carnage he left in his wake. The guy is a douche.
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IMPA Test Days at Split Rock resort rocked by explosion

Split Rock's indoor water park while under construction in 2008

This week is the International Motor Press Association’s Test Days in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. The first day centers around the old ski hill at the Split Rock Resort, while day 2 takes place at Pocono Raceway. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend this year, this being the first one I’ve missed since joining IMPA 4 years ago. On second thought, maybe I picked a good year to miss.

At 7:30 this morning, a gas leak in the Split Rock Resort sports complex caused an explosion that leveled the sports complex. The building is separate from the main lodge, being joined by a tunnel. It contains contained tennis courts, bowling alleys, an arcade and a mini golf course. Due to the early hour, there were no guests in the building. One employee who was on site sustained minor injuries.

In past years, my kids have spent part of their day in that building while I was out testing cars.

While Test Days wrapped up yesterday afternoon, many IMPA members stay at Split Rock on the final evening before making the trek home. Our man Tom Williams and friend of The Garage, Crash Corrigan are at Test Days. We are waiting to hear a report from them and will keep you up to date as soon as we get word from them.

Once they get home, we may actually have some stories about cars!