Roadkill attacks Goodguys with the Rotsun


In yet another example of why the internet is so much better that television, we have the latest episode of Roadkill. Creating a Tv show can cost a fortune depending on local union laws and if you are working within a niche, there is no guarantee that a network will actually pick up on your show. On the web, all you need is a few GoPro cameras, a DSLR or two and some mounts and you can create some pretty good content. Of course, to make great content, you need a few skills, some great content and loads of personality. Thankfully, in the automotive vertical, there are some pretty talented people, like the guys at Motor Trend and Hot Rod.

Roadkill is a show that falls under the umbrella of the former and follows the cats at the latter as they buy broke-ass cars, inject a bit of personality and head out on a road trip. Epic, television show quality entertainment without all of the annoying tampon ads.

In this latest episode, David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan take a Chevy powered ’71 Datsun 240Z from a previous show and install a stonkin’ big turbo from a Ford Powerstroke Diesel. A rattier looking Zed car would be tough to find, but by the time the guys get their crap together they are able to lay down some serious times on the Goodguys Spring Nationals autocross course. The fact that the right side door is held shut with a gate latch just adds to the charm of the Rotsun.

Start your cruising season off with a visit to Mega Speed this weekend

Normally at this time of year, Southern Ontario is trying to break free from the clutches of old man winter, which makes a visit to a hot rod show a welcome treat. Re-branded for 2012, the annual Spring show in Toronto is now called the Mega Speed Custom Car & Truck Show and is on this weekend at the International Centre. With warm weather in the forecast over the coming week, a visit to Mega Speed should through your cravings to cruise go into overdrive.

In keeping with the times, the Mega Speed Show has more than just all out, old school custom cars. This year’s show includes modern tuner cars, muscle cars, traditional rods, rat rods and the full on show cars. Of course there are lots of lovely ladies on hand too. There are vendors selling all sorts of memorabilia and other car stuff and even an exotic animal display to keep the kiddies interested. Brush Rush North gives show-goers a chance to see pinstripe artists ply their trade and maybe even pick up some art for their own collection. The Motor City and Piston Pushers Car Clubs have taken their display areas to a whole new level, showing off their cars in amazing style.

One of the highlights of the show for many folks is the opportunity to meet Henry Winkler. For those of you who live under a rock, or who are too young to know the name, Winkler is the actor who played Fonzie on Happy Days. If I have to explain, then you won’t likely be going to the show anyway. As a photographer, I was fortunate to spend some time with The Fonz while he set up his display. This dude is beyond cool and genuinely loves meeting fans.

Start your March break and your cruising speed off right with a visit to the Mega Speed Show tonight or tomorrow. To give you a bit of a taste, we’ve got a massive gallery after the break.
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Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender

For years I have wanted to go to Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender, and this is the year that I was finally able to go. After four hectic press days at the New York Auto Show I hit the Las Vegas ground running Friday morning – I dropped off my suitcase in my hotel room, slathered on the SPF 30, got my wristband, and headed out to the car show.

Held at the Orleans Casino April 21-24, 2011, VLV features rockabilly and surf bands, pool parties, vintage and 50’s-inspired fashion shows, pin-up workshops, vendors, burlesque performances and more all weekend. No detail is left untouched, and rockabilly music is on constant rotation in the casino common areas. During the day bands perform on two stages within the casino, outside at the pool, and on the car show stage; bands play all night in the ballrooms. The gathering has grown from 1,200 attendees the first year to 8,000 this past year for the music – and an additional 10,000 come to the car show on Saturday. Those who purchase four day wristbands have the advantage of seeing the car show on Thursday and Friday, but tickets are available for the Saturday car show only.

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Old vs. New rears its ugly head again

One of the challenges of being a publisher in the realm of new media is the fact that occasionally the we incur the wrath of some out of some traditional media type who hasn’t been able to keep up with the times. Sometimes that wrath comes from the very people who inspired us to become writers/photographers/publishers in the first place.

The Jalopy Journal has been published for close to a decade, which in new media is a very long time indeed. Publisher Ryan Cochran was one of the first to seriously bring traditional hot rodding to new media. Cochran’s background is deep. Having grown up in an active rodding and racing household, Ryan spent much of his formative years around the shops of some of the biggest names in both scenes. A key element to The Jalopy Journal’s growth has been the H.A.M.B. otherwise known as the Hokey Ass message Board. Participants of the board are a who’s who of hot rodding, both old timers and those who are just dipping their toes in the culture. The H.A.M.B is populated by over 120,000 individuals who have contributed over 5 MILLION posts. That is nothing short of incredible.
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Autofest 2010 in pictures

While all the trackside photography I’ve been doing lately is beyond cool, the down side is that I can only in one place at a time. Back at the end of the summer, while I was at Mosport shooting the ALMS race, downtown Oshawa was full of cool cars for one of Canada’s largest cruise events. Autofest quite literally takes over the city for three days. It is a great event and I hate like crazy to miss it but the past few years it has been scheduled the same weekend as Mosport’s big event. Next year, the ALMS weekend has been moved up in the month.

Fortunately, we’ve got readers like Marshall Davidson who are willing to share their pictures. Marshall is a local photographer and he grabbed more than 1,000 shots when he visited Autofest this year. To check them out, visit him here.

Hooters Whitby car show

Before our marathon afternoon of kids baseball yesterday, The Dude, Corby Chapin and I headed to the local Hooters to check out their annual car show. Following a couple of pints and some wings, we set out to get shooting. We quickly discovered that despite the weather, the turnout was incredible. The level of quality was incredible and the range of styles was very surprising. From vintage drag cars to modern muscle, rat rods to low rider pick-ups, there was truly something for everyone. One of the highlights for me was finally getting to meet some of the guys from the Bottom Feeders car club and check out their wicked rods.
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Jay Leno cruises in to Richmond BC

We all know that Jay Leno is a certified gearhead and we like to think the stories about him being just one of the guys are true. Stories like this one prove that the guy is one of us.

On Saturday, Leno was in Richmond, BC for a party. As it is a small community, the Richmond Street Rodders knew his route and decided to have a bit of a cruise along the way. Being the car guy he is, Leno had his driver stop and he spent a couple of hours hanging out with the club and talking cars.

After the break, we’ve got a gallery of photos from the cruise.
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Kool note Kards by Carissa

It has been a while since I’ve done any shameless promotion here in The Garage, so I figured the time was right to show off some new goodies from the land of the Savage Speed Garage. Meet Carissa Wong, a west coast photographer with an eye for rodding culture. Carissa has put together a series of prints and note cards that feature Aaron Von Minden and that ’34 Ford that we’ve been waiting for him to finish.
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35 Ford truck build update

It has been quite a while since we’ve been able to share anything from the Savage Speed Garage here in The Garage. Too many projects, too little time! Our friend Aaron from Savage Speed has finally been getting back to work on his buddy Notch’s 35 Ford truck. Not too many details at this point, though one of the shots after the break might explain why the process has been a bit slow!
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