Holiday gift giving guide: Dream Car Garage 1967 Corvette


So your car lover has a den full of automotive art & a garage full of cool memorabilia, what now. What to buy for the well heeled car nut who has everything? How about a Vette to park in that Garage? Great idea, but you’re buying for a pretty special person, shouldn’t it be a really special Vette?

How about this ’67 Corvette Roadster from Legendary Motorcar? You remember Legendary, they are the guys who brought you Dream Car Garage on Speed Channel. That great looking garage they used for the show isn’t a set, it’s the actual shop where these guys bring magic back to life.
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Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Car Art Inc.


I’ve been so busy shopping for the little techs here in The Garage that I almost forgot about the gift guide!

Staying with the cool car art trend, how about some classic motoring prints from California based Car Art Inc. Retired car designer Peter Aylett knows a thing or two about automotive style. His company offers up the work of many different artists and works with car museums and collectors all over the world to spread the automotive gospel.

The image above is by Gary Whinn, who says about the piece:
“A stylish young couple on Sunset Boulevard pass the time in conversation whilst the service engineers examine their car in 1930s Los Angeles. This painting is a real blend of fact and fiction, so though based on historical fact it also includes a fair amount of artistic license! I love the symmetry of the building and from my research at the Bugatti Trust in England I know that it did once exist. However, I discovered on a trip to Los Angeles that sadly, it has not survived and I therefore felt all the more pleased that I had been inspired to record it in this painting.”
This Giclée on watercolor paper measures 17″ x 23″ and is one of 195 printed. It retails for $195
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Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Rally 2008 Calendar


The other half of the team is expert photo guy, Andrew Harvey. Andrew is one of our favorite auto shooters here in The Garage, largely because of his unique talent that allows the true emotion of rallysport to shine through his images.

We’ve already posted about the calendar a couple of times in The Garage, but I still think it is worth an extra mention in the Gift Guide. Why? Because I’m betting that a lot of readers would love to find one of these in their stocking!

You can pick it up through or FOC

Holiday Gift Giving Guide: 2008 rally video magazine dvd


Every gearhead loves car videos. When those videos include stunning filmography, fire breathing rally cars and flying rocks, it approaches auto-erotica.

Canadian film maker Warwick Patterson and the team at have assembled what promises to be one of the best rally videos of all time. Best of all, you can get your hands on a copy for the paltry sum of $24.95 plus shipping from the FOC store.

Catch a teaser video of Ken Block after the break
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Holiday gift giving guide: The new 1952 H.A.M.B. Calendar


Some of the other holiday gift guides out there in the blogosphere are showing off all the swag that only the boss can afford. Here in The Garage, we seek out cool stuff that everyone can afford. For me, it’s not about receiving expensive gifts, rather it’s about giving and receiving cool gifts.

In that vein, one of the koolest automotive blogs around is The Jalopy Journal. Host Ryan Cochrane has this killer corner of the net where rodders congregate to swap stories, knowledge and ideas. A good number of the Hokey Ass Message Board are photographers, and many of these good folks have contributed images so that Ryan can create an annual calendar for us old car junkies.

The H.A.M.B. calendar is bargain priced at only 20 bucks. Order it here.

Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Busted Knuckle Garage

With all this art and stuff we’ve been showing off, have you still not figured out what to buy for your in house car fanatic? Well, why not visit the Busted Knuckle Garage. They’ve got all sorts of goodies for The Garage, from cool BKG branded memorabilia to practical stuff like soap and detailing supplies. Really, this is the stuff your guy needs to make his garage the envy of the block.


How cool is this? A magnetic finger condom!
From the catalogue:
Convert Your Finger into a Powerful Handy Tool! The Magnetic Finger is the most practical new product that has a powerful magnet at the fingertip that can retrieve any small metal object with precision control. Simple to use, slips over index finger. Use it one time; it pays for itself getting into those difficult to reach places. Good for work, at home, anytime your finger needs a magnetic grip on things. The ultimate “why didn’t I think of that” item! Retail price: $9.95
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Holiday Gift Giving Guide: McQueen’s Machines: The Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood Icon


Steve McQueen. I’m almost at a loss to describe just how much that name means to me. An American icon who was fanatical about anything with wheels. As much as the movies influenced me growing up, it was his real life interests that excite me as an adult. The fact that his kid is about my age brings the whole scene a little closer into my realm.
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Holiday gift giving guide: Coop Stuff


We’ve started our Holiday Gift Giving guide with a whole bunch of art, and I have no intention on changing that theme just yet. I’ve been very lucky to get to know a few guys on the west coast through this journey that is The Garage, and one of the most influential has been the mightily talented artist, Coop. Mr. Cooper has opened my eyes to the history of hot rods and his own unique styles.

Fan’s of Coop’s blog and Flickr page will be happy to know that their loved ones can buy them their very own Coop art and bits of Coop goodies from the appropriately named Coop Stuff store. Just be sure there are no kiddies around when you open the page up if you’re uptight, as they will see Coop’s boobies!

The about to become classic Helmet print is 22×22 inches and is one of 50 signed and numbered pieces for only $100
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Holiday gift giving guide: The art of Paul Chenard


Car art is one of those things that every enthusiast loves, but often won’t buy for themselves. Here in The Garage, we are all obsessed with automotive images. One of our fave artists has to be our man on the east coast, Paul Chenard. His unique, laid back style captures the colour and style that was racing in the glory days. Best of all, Paul has a bit of fun with his work and is more than happy to create usable works of art like greeting cards and T-shirts.

Sir Jackie Stewart winning the Canadian GP 1972Twice World Champion
Sir Jackie Stewart showed the way with his Tyrrell winning at Mosport, Ontario, Canada in 1972.Available as premium archival Giclee prints.
Size: 11.5’x 9’Edition: 250 of each, signed and numbered by the artist Paul Chenard.
$60 CDN
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First annual Holiday Gift Giving Guide


It always amuses me when Mrs. G says that I’m too hard to buy Christmas presents for. Let’s face it, more than just a car guy, I’m a guy. I’m easily pleased and absolutely anything related to cars will make me happy. Heck, I would be tickled pink to wake up on the morning of the 25th to a box of Hot Wheels!

So for all those spouses who don’t know what to buy your car geek, The Garage is offering our 1st Annual Holiday Gift Guide. For the next two weeks, we’ll have a gift idea a day to help you fill that space under the tree.

To kick things off, I have to thank Gary Faules for directing me towards Plan59. This Fairfax, Virginia based company is dedicated to mid-century American commercial art. They have an absolutely incredible assortment of advertising and that includes a stunning array of automotive creations.
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