Can’t get enough of the Hoonicorn from Ken Block’s just-released Gymkhana SEVEN? Haven’t seen it yet and want a preview? We got it. Launched at SEMA in the Ford booth, the highly awesomely¬†insanely modified all-wheel drive 1965 notchback Mustang was emblazoned with Ken Block’s Hoonigan racing logos and racing #43. A Roush Yates V-8 engine pumps out a roaring 845 horsepower, and the body sits on custom Pirelli Trofeo R tires. Matte black graphics, roll cage, carbon fiber body panels… eh, you just really want to see the photos, don’t you?

Gymkhana morphs into Footkhana


Just when you think that action sports figure turned extreme driving icon Ken Block couldn’t possible do anything new with his fire breathing Ford Fiesta, he drops yet another Monster on you. See how I did that? This time, Gymkhana is Castrol Footkhana. Foot, as in footie or footy, or football. Whatever it is you people who like soccer call it. This time, Block gets into a bit of a match with Brazilian FIFA World Cup star Neymar Jr. & his gang of soccer freestylers.

Bringing gearheads and soccer fans together!

Ken Block’s Gymkhana 3 Focus on display at NAIAS

Ok, so this may not be news of any sort from Detroit, but I thought it was pretty cool that the Ford Focus that Ken Block drove while filming Gymkhana 3 was on hand during NAIAS.

Call me a geek, but this thing is a monster!

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Craigslist find of the day: Ken Block’s wheels!

Ever wanted a true piece of motorsport memorabilia? How about a set of mildly used wheels from Ken Block’s WRC spec Fiesta? They would make a perfect…ummm…something. Lopsided coffee table perhaps?

Here is the seller’s description:

FOR SALE: Two slightly used 18-inch Volk Racing TE37 rims painted Monster Energy green with distinct DC Shoes logo on contrast painted spoke. Never been curbed! These are RARE and very special wheels! Only driven for 5 miles!!!!!!! May need new tires, about 3% tread left on Pirelli P-Zero. Will fit 2011 Ford Fiesta.

Buyer must pay shipping from France. Moving! MUST sell before 9/14.

Shoot me an offer, also down to barter.

Something tells me this is a joke, but if true, some gearhead skater boy might actually snap these up.

Not sure how they got so scruffy looking? You’d better visit here.

Ed note: It would seem that this scoop is no scoop at all and that perhaps your humble editor should spend more time reading and less time taking photos. The good folks at Jalopnik noticed this ad last week and began work on deciphering the code hidden within the ad. Then, the folks at team DC GYM3 verified that they were indeed behind the prank.

Oh yeah – one more thing. I won’t be spending less time at the track!

Gymkhana THREE is finally revealed

Following a buildup period outdone only by Gran Tourismo 5, Ken Block has finally revealed Gymkhana THREE. The Gymkhana series began way back in 2008, when Block stunned the gearhead world with the craziest, smokiest car video that had ever been seen. In 2009, he raised the bar with number 2 and kept the fans watching.

With the switch from Subaru to Ford, DC Shoes’ master of extreme promotion had to knock one out of the park with number 3. The smoky tire burning drifts are taken to extremes and the new location brings the Gymkhana series to new heights. Literally.

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Tanner Faust does a little Gymkhana of his own in X Games Fiesta

Unfortunately we didn’t get around to covering Pikes Peak this year, but we’re going to try to stay on top of the X Games.

While Ken Block has wowed the world with his wicked Subie slides lately, he’s not the only one who can wheel a rally car! Leading up to the X Games, Tanner Faust, Ford and Streetfire are workin’ hard to spread the smokey goodness that is the Ford Fiesta. Here’s to hoping that this short flick is just a teaser of what’s to come!

Tanner Foust X Games Ford Fiesta Preview

Kids, do not try this at home

We have all watched in awe as Ken Block slides and slithers his mega horsepower Subaru around airports and docks. I’m sure many of you have wished you could have a go at recreating the awesomeness. I know I have! So have the boys and girls at IMV Films. Of course their view is a tiny bit more twisted than most of us. Don’t believe me? One of the final credits for this flick thanks Everyone for not dying.

This little vid combines tire smoking burnouts (sort of), air time, vehicular manslaughter and enough fireworks to supply Disney World on the 4th of July.

Is it really manslaughter if the victim is a Cabbage Patch doll?

Seriously folks, do not try this at home!

IMV Films Gymkhana Practice (SPOOF VIDEO)

Source Streetfire via Autoblog

Ken Block releases a making of Gymkhana mashup


A while back, North American rally stud Ken Block put together a little video that would forever change my opinion of drifting. In the video text, it was made perfectly clear that this was not shot in one go. That video has been played over and over and over: And that is just in our office! I’ll bet many of you have watched it just as often as we have. If you’ve somehow missed it, go check out the first video here.

Now, we get a chance to see some out takes, bloopers and cutting room floor goodness. We thought the Segway segment was too good to be true and it seems we were right. Fortunately the oops was a little one! Once again, crank the speakers really loud and be prepared to be amazed. Oh yes, if you are into the DC shoes be sure to watch to the end for a 20% discount offer. The man has to pay for his automotive hobby somehow!

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