Pure Sound, No Music

Earlier this afternoon I got tired of watching the talking heads in the Daytona 500 pre-race show, so I went looking for some rally porn and came across this bit of auditory awesomeness. Gotta love some hard core historic rally car action on a Sunday afternoon. Be sure to hit full screen and watch in full HD after the break.
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On board with Walter Rohrl in Group B Quattro

This is a short segment from a video produced in the mid Eighties. If I recall correctly, it was a compilation of highlights from Group B in 83 and 84. The significance here is not the dates. It is not the cheesy Euro porn soundtrack.

This is how Walter Rohrl taught me how to left foot brake!

Video: How I learned to left foot brake

Most rally enthusiasts have seen this video before. Those of you who haven’t are in for a treat. Behold, the master, Walter Rohrl making the legendary Audi Quattro Group B rally car dance. The foot camera was my mentor as I prepared for performance rally. I watched this video on VHS time after time, learning the skill known as left foot braking which is so important when making a front or 4 wheel drive car go fast on gravel.

Truly one of the best rally videos of all time

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Even More Group B Porn

Ok, so maybe I’m going a little overboard with the videos today, but I’m having fun sharing some rally goodness. I just came across this little historical gem. It’s a really nicely done history of Group B, spanning from the Fifties through to the Eighties. The only problem is once again the sound track. I can’t remember the name of the simp who sings this crap. It’s even worse than Bryan Adams.

Group B: When the Gods of Horsepower Ruled

Over at Autoblog, that Nunez guy has been scouring the gootubes looking for some killer rally videos. One of the treats that he’s found is this compilation from an old Group B video. If you’ve never seen these machines in action, be prepared for double your daily dose of auto erotica! The video these clips came from are what convinced me years ago that road racing was for wussies and rally was where the real men raced.