Car and Driver wants to help lower your fuel bills

As traditional media tries to hold on to market share, the old school car mags are doing their best to get with the new media. Old guys are being replaced supplemented by young guys and girls who truly get the virtual world.

In this vein, Car and Driver mag is reaching out to bloggers to get the word out that they are as vibrant and relevant as ever. In other words, they are blogging their hearts out! They’re not just blogging though, as they are tackling topics that are hotter than ever.

Today, they’ve got a list of fuel saving tips to help ease the pain at the pumps.

The first two should be common sense:
Tune-Up Your Car
Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

Really folks, a well maintained car does get noticeably better gas mileage.
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Just Say No!


When I first began driving as a teenager I really wasn’t bothered by the price of gas primarily because like most country boys raised on a ranch we had our own gas pump. I had actually driven for almost a year before I ever had to pay for a tank of gas. I recall a couple of cute gals from my high school cruising around with me on a Friday afternoon when we all decided it would be cool to drive over to a nearby town and check out the sights. Before we got ready to leave I asked, “Since it’s about 15 miles over there how much gas will it take us to get there and back? Do I have enough?” The gals didn’t know any more than I did so we pulled into a gas station to ask a friend. He asked me how much cash I had and after looking in my ash tray where I kept my money I found about six dollars. I remember him saying. “SIX BUCKS! That’s enough to drive all the way across Oregon and back.”
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Gas prices closing in on bottled water!


They say that what comes up, must come down. Somehow, that doesn’t seem to apply to gas prices. On the drive home from work last night, the pumps said $1.17 a liter. This morning they had jumped to $1.20 a liter or roughly $4.80 a gallon! Somewhere along the way, this has to stop.

Perhaps when the price of a liter of gas equals the price of a liter of Evian.