Inside the lair of a 1972 Porsche RSR

One of the great things about publishing The Garage is meeting gearheads from around the world and getting a peek into their lives and sometimes even a visit to their garage.

Reader Jack Olsen has sent us a pile of pics of his garage. Besides the fact that Jack owns one of my favorite Porsche’s of all time, a ’72 RSR, he also has a sweet space for it to reside. Jack has done all of it himself, including building the sweet work bench with the arched lower support you see in the pic above. Jack also has a full complement of shop equipment, which I’m guessing he uses for occasional repairs on the 911.
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The Garage US Thanksgiving Day Tour

For my family, it is tradition that we drive from our home in Connecticut to visit my in-laws in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Apart from the Amish, Lancaster offers beautiful countryside, good driving roads, and some eclectic independent garages that I like to visit. 

Royal Motorworks

I first learned of this place when I was in college years ago. Royal specializes in the Citroen SM, a French GT car powered by a Maserati V-6. I was lucky to have been able to test drive a restored SM. Driving this car is like learning how to drive all over again for the first ten minutes, but once you get used to it, the SM is impressive, if not more than a little weird. For those who are interested, Royal has an E-Bay store.
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It’s All Down Hill From Here


There are so many means of transportation… cars, boats, trains, planes, bikes, motorcycles and many more. I have been asked many times why I love racing and cars so much but the truth is it’s easier to explain which means of transportation I hate the most.

Every driver has his or her own unique style of control and there are many variations but when it comes to getting off a toboggan I respectfuly consider myself an expert even though I have only done it once. Since the normal reaction is to stick your foot in the snow trying to stop the ankles are the first thing to go. That is about the time your ankles get shoved up into your pelvis making the overall length of my legs about four inches long. [Read more…]

Fawcett Movie Cars hit the block courtesy of RM Auctions


Like anything automotive, car auctions mean different things to different people. Some go to dream, others go to fulfill their dreams, some are looking for project ideas, while others are just looking to pass an afternoon. The RM Auctions Fawcett Movie Cars event had something for all of these enthusiasts. This event was quite literally a field of dreams.

Huge photo gallery after the break
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Bobby’s Junkpile Courtesy of Coop


Some guys just have the coolest stuff in their garage. Coop went to visit his friend Bobby’s place to pick up some parts and took some shots of an incredible junk pile. Of course the term Junk Pile would only really apply if you can’t see the vast history contained within these objects. This place is the type of shop that The Garage aspires to be! Visit Coop to soak up some cool.

Alan Mulally to hit the sales floor!


One of the main concerns that many pundits had when Alan Mulally was named Big Boss at Ford was that he isn’t a car industry guy. In fact, that really is an issue throughout the manufacturing side of the industry. Mulally seems to be a pretty smart guy though and is planning to see what happens in the trenches. At his first visit to the NADA conference in Las Vegas, it was announced that the Ford chief would spend a few days on the sales floor at a Ford dealership. Which dealership is yet to be decided.

It’s interesting to note a current trend within the car maker’s side of the industry as opposed to the retail side. If you look at the older guys who work in the dealer support end of things, you might find one or two at each office who were dealership techs years ago. Beyond that, all the more recent folks have a university background. Even more interestingly, the hiring rules for most field reps at most manufacturers state that new hires must be university educated. Now don’t get me wrong, a university degree is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t teach beans about the retail environment of a car dealership.
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Christiano da Matta on the road to recovery


Following his collision with a deer while testing his Champ car at Road America, Christiano da Matta has been working hard on his rehabilitation. Rehab from head injury can take many forms and the results are different for every patient. It sounds like da Matta is making some good progress, but I somehow doubt we’ll be seeing him doing any laugh a minute interviews like the Hamster any time soon. On a positive note, he has taken over the job of maintaining the blog on his site just last month.

Embargo Shmargo: Bring on the New Models

Dodge Viper

In days of old, car manufacturers would give preview pics of upcoming models to journos that they could not publish under penalty of death. Now, in these days of the internets, those embargos are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. In some cases they are becoming fodder for the overactive American legal system. On the other hand, some automakers are using the web to their own advantage by beating bloggers at their own game and officially leaking pics.

Yesterday’s big loser winner in the leaked photos department seems to be Daimler Chrysler, who had no less than 3 new models leaked prior to the NAIAS in Detroit. Photos abound of the new Jeep Trailhawk, Dodge Viper and the Chrysler Nassau concept vehicle. The upcoming Chevy Malibu has also made an early appearance.

The big question here is: Broken embargo or deliberate leak?

More pics after the break
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Might Nissan build a new 200sx/240sx?


Anybody who’s been around racing for a few decades will no doubt fondly recall a small bore, rear wheel drive Datsun of some sort or another. 510, B210, and later on the 200sx & the 240sx. They were cheap to run, reliable and a blast to drive. While Nissan has gotten it together with the 240/260/280’s spiritual successor, the 350Z, the car is still an expensive toy to run. What about the little guy?

Over at Autoblog, John Neff has reported that Nissan may be close to bringing a small, rear wheel drive car to life. Possibly based on the Foria Concept shown at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show, the car would fulfil the cries of drifters and racers around the world.